Jasper Weisenbach

SiccaDania’s optimization of existing dryers

Dryers are among the biggest energy guzzlers in the process industry. They are also responsible for substantial emissions. It is therefore important to improve the efficiency of existing dryers, but without sacrificing product quality and quantity. SiccaDania has various solutions for this.  An important part of the portfolio of SiccaDania, supplier of process equipment, consists

SiccaDania bets on reducing energy costs of drying processes

June 2023 Heat recovery in drying processes SiccaDania developed its technology to drastically reduce the energy costs of drying processes. Besides saving energy it also reduces CO2 and NOx emissions, counter dust emissions and reduce the ecological footprint. This is done through the use of heat recovery systems and high-efficiency cyclones. The heat used for

Invex Group acquires the core business of SiccaDania Group

With this investment, SiccaDania continues its operations in Brazil, China, Hong Kong, France, Netherlands, North America as well some of its operations in Denmark. SiccaDania Group stands at the forefront of a global process technology landscape, empowering industries with transformative solutions. As a renowned leader in the field, the company’s unwavering dedication to quality, sustainability,

Reducing Entobacteria

Reduce Entobacteria in the production of dairy powders Enterobacteriaceae is often considered an indicator of contamination from the equipment. The presence of this bacteria is a sign of an issue with the quality. The presence of Enterobacteriaceae is often considered to be an indicator of quality for processed foods, especially in good manufacturing and processing

SiccaDania bets on vegetable proteins

September 19th, 2022 The processing of proteinaceous crops requires industrial processes, as developed by SiccaDania. Originally active in the dairy and starch industry, this company also supplies the technology for processing legumes into high-quality protein. The increase in the world population explains the increasing pressure on the availability of animal proteins. This leads to a

Heat recovery and flexibility

Heat recovery and flexibility – upgrade of “old” spray dryer installations Energy costs and flexibility to switch from one energy source to another has a high influence on the operating costs and efficiency of a spray drying plant. SiccaDania has specialized in upgrades of existing spray dryer plants. Spray drying plants are among some of

Sustainable recovery of starch from cutting water

Published: 19th of May 2022 The current focus on valorisation and zero-waste production make it increasingly important to process by-products from food production as efficiently as possible. For the potato processing industry, we have created a solution for the recovery of starch from the cutting water.   Wastewater treatment  Our team of experts in Veendam have

With you every step of the way

Published: 17th of May 2022 Anuga FoodTec 2022 provided an excellent stage for a show-and-tell of our full-in-house philosophy – from initial project start-up through process designs to final product characteristics. We are with you every step of the way. Entering a new market or bringing new products to the market opens a world of

Anuga FoodTec

Published: 10th of May 2022 Anuga FoodTec draws out the food, dairy and beverage industry, gathering them all in one place – both end customers and the production processes providers. So, we put our process technology front and centre. For the first time in SiccaDania’s history, we could present the entire SiccaDania Group as a

Breakthrough technology will produce green proteins greener

Published: 05th of April 2022 A number of Danish investors and the global supplier of plant-based ingredients including proteins, Meelunie, will invest 250 million DKK in the factory. A new membrane filtration solution offers a wide range of advantages over traditional systems. LeanFlux® is a brand new developed, next-generation membrane filtration system that creates significant

Revolutionising the global market for plant-based diets

There is a great demand for proteins all over the world, and several positive benefits of faba beans make this particular type of protein far more attractive when it comes to health and sustainability. The company Meelunie GPI A/S is building a factory for extracting plant protein from faba beans in Hedensted, Denmark. A broad

Evaporator for Emsland Group

Emsland Group is setting up a new Potato Protein recovery plant in their production facilities in Wietzendorf. For this new process, SiccaDania will supply the evaporator system which will concentrate the water stream from the protein separation. This part of the process will handle up to 100 m3/h of fruit juice leaving the starch production

Creating and testing processes

The Innovation Centre was created to test products, and processes and create mass balances to engineer a full-scale production. Our team at the Innovation Centre test and validate new processes with respect to quantitative and qualitative yields. These days and months, our experts and the machines at the Innovation Centre are working overtime to meet

Potato hybrid factory

Some crops can only be harvested every six months which affects the run time of a processing plant. To optimise the production plant and minimise the environmental footprint, we have developed a hybrid-protein factory. This hybrid factory processes potatoes and faba beans and operates all year long. The industrial potato is cultivated and processed during

Opening our Canadian office

We will soon be ready to help customers in Canada and North America achieve high-value products through efficient equipment design and process setups. Our newest growth opportunity is the market for alternative proteins (from pea, faba bean, canola and potatoes). That is why Canada is the next location on our list. With dedicated and highly

Infant Formula Production

What does product quality mean for infant formula powders? Two aspects of infant formula quality are in focus, one is food safety and the second is nutritional properties. As a process engineering company, we can help to improve both aspects by the correct and careful design of the process equipment as well as securing a flawless production capacity.