Board of Directors

Chairman of the Board

Ole Andersen
Before joining SiccaDania A/S he worked as Group Vice President for York International as responsible for the global industrial refrigeration activities. Earlier he worked for Sabroe Refrigeration A/S Denmark as CEO, GEA AG Germany as a Member of the Group Management responsible for the entire process engineering division, and at Niro Atomizer A/S latest as CEO.
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Member of the Board

Jørn B. Jensen
Besides the assignment with SiccaDania A/S, Chairman UNIK System Design A/S, Chairman The association Aarhus Science Park and Chairman Danish Bottling Company A/S.
Previous assignments; Honorary Consul for The Republic of Korea, Deputy Chairman for MD Foods International A/S (ARLA), Partner Scandiaconsult A/B, Sweden (now RAMBOLL), Board Member APV Plc., London, Board Member Industry Council for Development, New York (attached to UNDP), Board Member IFU & IØ (Investment Funds for developing countries and Eastern Europe), Founder and CEO Danish Turnkey Dairies A/S, Managing Director for Danish Kuwaiti Dairy Company Ltd. (Danish Dairy Board).
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Member of the Board

Martin Lavesen
Besides his appointment with SiccaDania A/S, he is Country Managing Partner in the major Danish law firm DLA Piper advising on commercial law. He has special knowledge of and experience in advising private companies on partnerships, corporate structures, and private placements. Previously he has been associated with Locke Lord Edwards in Boston and has been CEO of Exiqon, a listed Danish biotech company. He is a frequently used arbitrator and is also an experienced advocate appearing before the Danish Supreme Court. He holds and has held several executive positions with innovation-based enterprises.
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Member of the Board

Kenneth Eskildsen
Currently CEO at Givesco. Special expertise in international business relations, financial reporting and finance, and sales and production, including in particular foods.
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Executive Management


Søren Sten Rasmussen
As CEO of SiccaDania, Søren Rasmussen steers the SiccaDania ship and acts as a sparring partner for both sales and technology. Before establishing SiccaDania A/S in 2014, Mr Rasmussen worked as Managing Director for SPX Flow Technology Denmark A/S and SPX Flow Technology Hanse GmbH. Earlier, he worked as Vice President within the Anhydro Group, Department Manager for Carlisle Process Systems, and various management positions at APV Anhydro.
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COO & Deputy CEO

Henrik Simonsen
Henrik Simonsen is one of the founders of SiccaDania and has taken over the position of COO. In SiccaDania, Mr Simonsen is responsible for business development and overseas operations and is part of the group executive leadership team. Before joining SiccaDania, Mr Simonsen worked several years with development banking, IFU and for more than 20 years within the leading process engineering companies, GEA-Niro, including 5 years as CFO and as a member of the executive leadership team of various Business Units within the Anhydro Group and within SPX.
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Troels Nedergaard Nielsen
Troels Nedergaard Nielsen is an experienced and ambitious CFO with a performance-driven approach. Mr Nedergaard Nielsen is securing that Finance and IT are a natural and integrated part of the value-creating process. Before joining SiccaDania in 2019, Mr Nedergaard Nielsen has worked at Konsolidator, ChemoMetec and as Chief Financial Officer at Skanlog and Sonofon.
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Executive VP, Global Engineering

Jørgen Ohrt
Jørgen Ohrt ensures a swift and capable engineering process with a dedicated team of engineers. Before joining the SiccaDania A/S journey in 2015, Jørgen worked as Engineering Director for SPX in Asia. He started at Anhydro AS in 1992 first as Project Engineer then as Project Manager, and lastly as Global Engineering Manager Dairy & Food Dryers. Furthermore, Jørgen worked as Engineering Director for Anhydro China.
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Executive VP, After Market

René Hansen
René Hansen leads the way for our German colleagues and our aftermarket experts. Before joining the company in 2014, Mr Hansen spent 15 years with ACO-Service A/S latest as Managing Director for 13 years. Earlier he worked several years for GEA-Niro.
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Managing Directors for the group companies

SiccaDania Daniatech

Jens Andersen
Jens Andersen is the founder and Managing Director of our mixing department. Mr Andersen has worked with a wide range of process solutions within food solutions since 1995. Prior to his involvement in Daniatech, Mr Andersen was Product Portfolio Manager and Technical Manager at Tetra Pak Scanima, where he managed the development department, the Project department and mixer program in all local Tetra Pak companies. Before that, he worked for Scanima as Regional Sales Manager, Project Manager and Technical Manager.
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SiccaDania Filtration

Lars Bo Fredsted
Lars Bo Fredsted is heading our filtration department and works towards creating technologies and unit systems for value-added processing and filling. Mr Fredsted has more than 30 years of experience within the Dairy & Food Industry. Prior to joining SiccaDania in 2018, Mr Fredsted has worked as Managing Director and later Executive Vice President for the GEA Group. Before that he worked as Managing Director at APV Middle East and Systems Manager at Elopak.
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SiccaDania Freeze Drying

Henrik Haraldsted
Henrik Haraldsted is the driving force and one of the minds behind our Freeze-Drying technology. With more than 15 years within the Food, Dairy and Starch industry, Mr Haraldsted is a sparring partner for our customers. Before joining SiccaDania in 2018, Mr Haraldsted worked at GEA as Head of Product Development group & R&D Group Manager. Before this, Mr Haraldsted worked as R&D Team Leader at SPX Flow.
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SiccaDania Germany & Bagfilter

Thomas Hansen
Thomas Hansen’s aftermarket experience in the industry adds great value to SiccaDania Group, bringing it to a new level in the aftermarket business. Before joining the company, Mr Hansen spent 13 years with ACO-Service A/S, now part of SiccaDania Group, his latest position being the Technical Director and one of the shareholders. Mr Hansen has been working in the aftermarket business for more than 10 years “rebuilding spray dryer plants” which became one of his core competencies.
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SiccaDania Netherlands

Arend Jan van Gelder
Arend Jan Gelder is tasked with leading our team of experts in the Netherlands – both within starch, Dairy and Food. His interest and knowledge about strategy and general management bring a great effort to the SiccaDania Group. Before joining SiccaDania A/S in 2018, he worked as Sales Manager Projects at GEA Process Engineering. Mr van Gelder brings vast experience in the field of technology, sales, and key account management with more than 14 years within the industry.
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SiccaDania France

Romain Cailleaux
Romain Cailleaux is Managing Director for our office in France, where he and our team of specialists are ready to provide our French customers with local support. Before joining SiccaDania A/S, he worked as Engineering Manager for SPX Anhydro in France. Mr Cailleaux started his career as an after-market and spare parts engineer, he then continued being a Project Manager for the spray drying and evaporation processes.
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SiccaDania Poland

Finn Schlitterlau
Finn Schlitterlau has taken control of our workshop in Poland and will continue to exceed our customers' expectations for SiccaDania manufacturing. Before joining SiccaDania in 2019, Mr Schlitterlau was the owner and CEO of Falcon Lifts A/S. He has been at the forefront of many successful change processes and implemented structural, technical, and administrative systems at all levels.
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SiccaDania China and Brazil

Michael Oesterle
Michael Oesterle gives our customers in Asia local and customised support. Before joining SiccaDania, Mr Oesterle worked for more than 10 years in Anhydro in Denmark in different functions in engineering, sales, and general management. In 2006 Mr Oesterle moved to China to establish and manage the Asian organisation of Anhydro in a position as President for Anhydro Asia.
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SiccaDania Singapore

Mikael Warren Larsen
Mikael Warren Larsen has been instrumental in developing the project and installation business and managing large strategic customers across South East Asia and the Asia Pacific. Mr Warren Larsen has had an International career spanning 30 years within Niro A/S and GEA Process Engineering. Mr Warren Larsen has spent the last 23 years in managerial positions, latest as Business Unit Manager in the Asia Pacific and have also been posted to USA, South America, and Continental Europe.
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SiccaDania Canada

Suresh Sundararaj
Suresh Sundararaj is leading the venture into plant protein in Canada. With a specialised team and a great work ethic, Mr Sundararaj will be helping all customers regarding plant proteins. Before joining SiccaDania in 2019, Mr Sundararaj worked for Anhydro A/S, GEA Pte Singapore, Alfa Laval India and Dedert Corporation.
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