Complete Process Lines

Starch, Fibre and Protein

The best and highest starch, fibre and protein output with minimal water and energy consumption and the lowest emissions - that is what SiccaDania starch technology is about.

The most efficient processes for full crop valorisation

Innovation is in our genes. Our engineers continuously focus on the optimisation of processes and the development and integration of new technologies. Both for better crop valorisation and for the reduction of water and energy consumption. All based on our solid expertise.

With the acquisition of NivobaHovex, SiccaDania incorporated over 130 years of experience in the starch industry. Revolutionary innovations such as modern potato and cassava milling and fibre extraction with conical screens find their origin here.

At SiccaDania, we offer strong in-house knowledge. We also have a modern, fully equipped innovation centre which consists of SiccaDania standard equipment and innovative technologies. The pilot-scale test productions are run to show the feasibility and improve our customers’ processes. The ability to test the proposed designs is the reason why it is possible to deliver state-of-the-art solutions for specific protein types required by the market. That is innovation.

We offer:

  • Innovative equipment
  • Smart system design
  • Large installed base
  • Top-level industrial know-how
  • An innovative test centre
  • Decades of experience and well-known industry experts
  • Honest and trustworthy cooperation
  • Fully engineered solutions

The One-In-All-Out process for starch, fibres and proteins

Discover the advantages

The process plant is developed to leave as small a carbon footprint as possible. It is designed to maximise runtime by minimising downtime. But it also requires less electrical energy,  lower water consumption and produces minimal waste.

We call it our One-In-All-Out system.

To minimise the freshwater intake, the optional water treatment system produces reusable process water without compromising the hygiene of the production.

The unit is fully hygienic through its design and the integration of a full CIP system. To warrant flawless and continuous operation, parts of the unit are doubled to switch from one to the other during cleaning.

With a crop processing unit from SiccaDania, you have the possibility to meet the market demand. The starch, fibre and protein processes are tailor-made to produce the exact product qualities required by the market. For food, feed and technical applications.

Full valorisation of the crop ensures maximum revenue, with minimum water and energy requirements, a smart combination bringing forward the ROI.

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