Starch Recovery Systems

Striving to reduce the cost of fresh water and waste-water disposal goes hand in hand with the recovering of starch with SiccaDania's starch recovering systems.

Maximising your yield while minimising waste

SiccaDania offers a variety of screening equipment for wet and dry processes. The scope comprises safety screens, screens suitable for pre-screening, classification, and general separation.

The starch processing industry focuses on the reduction of water consumption by reducing the cost of fresh water and waste-water disposal. By separating the starch from the cutting water and flume water, the life of the water can be extended, and the costs for waste-water treatment are reduced considerably. An additional advantage of starch recovery is the value the recovered starch has as a commodity. 

Major benefits can be achieved by making the treating water making it reusable in the production process. This can be achieved by removing the solids and the starch in particular from the water.  

  • Minimum freshwater intake  
  • Maximum reduction of wastewater load (COD/BOD)  
  • No additional water consumption  
  • Minimum cleaning time of processing lines  
  • Full integration in the line 
  • Continuous and automatic operation 
  • Robust, safe, and hygienic construction matching the high standards maintained by the foodstuff industry 
  • Low operational and maintenance costs 

Creating an efficient and effective recovery system

Process description

Water from the process lines is fed to a rotating screen. SiccaDania provides screens from 30 microns.

Coarse particles and a high percentage of fibres are removed before the water enters hydro cyclones. In hydro cyclones, the starch is then separated from the water. The effluent water is either returned to the production process or will be used for raw material cleaning. The concentrated starch is further dewatered on a rotating vacuum filter and collected in big bags. 


SiccaDania offers custom made systems fit for any process water volume. Depending on the requirements it is possible to create a complete turn-key setup or as individual technologies which can be installed in existing production. The systems are self-cleaning and require minimal attention and maintenance. 

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