Technology Overview

SiccaDania designs, engineers, installs, commissions and services a variety of equipment used in the dairy, starch and food industries.

Creating efficient and effective solutions

SiccaDania provides a wide range of technology for the dairy, food, beverage and starch industries. From the initial wet processing to the final product drying, our experts can provide entire systems or individual units.

All equipment from SiccaDania is designed in cooperation with you to fit your needs and requirements. SiccaDania factory setups and processes are based on customised standard solutions, which allows for a unique, yet standardised control philosophy for the overall automation (PLC and HMI).

With ATEX engineers, automation specialists and installation professionals, we ensure the best in class technology for your application.



Do you need help?

Did you not find the technology you were looking for or do you need help with a specific set up, do not hesitate to contact us.