Creating a year around potato hybrid factory

Some crops can only be harvested once a year, leading to long downtimes in processing factories. The newest engineering feat from SiccaDania is a potato hybrid factory, allowing customers to stay operational all year by switching crops.

Some crops can only be harvested every six months which affects the run time of a processing plant. To optimise the production plant and minimise the environmental footprint, we have developed a hybrid-protein factory. This hybrid factory processes potatoes and faba beans and operates all year long. The industrial potato is cultivated and processed during the European ‘potato starch season’ from August to April while the faba beans can be planted and harvested all year round.

To maximise the output of potato starch, this factory uses a special, industrial-purpose potato. With an unpleasant taste due to the high starch content.

When the potato season is over it will then be possible to change the raw material input to faba beans. This prolongs the production time in the factory, thereby minimising environmental footprint while maximising yield. Faba beans are an attractive source of proteins, starch and dietary fibre. Low in common allergens and not genetically modified, faba beans offer a good alternative to other protein crops such as soy and pea.


About the potato hybrid project

The potato hybrid factory is under construction.

With this project, SiccaDania combines various entities and technologies of the SiccaDania group from project development in Denmark, and equipment from the Netherlands to the construction of the evaporator in Poland. The latest equipment installed is an evaporator. The installation team installed the 85 T calandria in place on the construction site in Croatia.

The new factory is designed according to the SiccaDania: One-In-All-Out© concept. In our Innovation Centre in Birkerod, we tested the setup for Croatia from product intake to final product characteristics.

The ONE-IN-ALL-OUT concept focuses on the production of starch, proteins and fibre. This concept enables our esteemed business partners to:

  • Extract starch and by-products from the various crops, i.e. potato, cassava, corn, wheat, pea, lentils, canola/rapeseed, faba beans, chickpeas, soy and quinoa, in the highest quality, efficient, competitive and sustainable manner
  • Process the protein into food or feed quality, and part of the fibre can be processed into dietary fibre
  • Incorporate a process water treatment system that minimises freshwater intake, produces disposable water and liquid fertiliser
  • Optimise revenues in situations like increasing demand for raw materials in a growing industry, climate influences and problems with plant diseases


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