Fluid Bed Dryers

SiccaDania fluid bed dryers are designed to apply the final drying and cooling of the product without leaving the product behind.
External Fluid Bed
Internal Fluid Bed

Final product drying

SiccaDania fluid bed dryers are designed to be cost-effective. They are built according to the principle of modularisation. This allows for a customised design without adding extra costs. By having one air outlet for exhaust air, the installation and running costs of the fluid beds are also reduced. In the fluid beds, separation takes place above the perforated plates, which reduces the loss of fine powders and thereby increases the yield.

Our team of experts focuses on giving our customers the best product. With a sanitary design and better CIP efficiency, the SiccaDania fluid beds eliminate “dead spots” and reduce the risk of off-specs in the product.

Internal or External

SiccaDania provides both internal and external fluid beds. Whether our spray dryers are equipped with an internal fluid bed or an external fluid bed or both depends on the application of the specific plant.

The internal fluid bed is often used for secondary drying at lower temperatures and to prevent deposits on the conical sides of the drying chamber. With an internal fluid bed, the operator has more control and can fine-tune to the exact product specifications. This is possible by controlling the retention time in the dryer by adjusting the powder layer by means of a weir.

The external fluid bed can be divided into several sections, depending on the application. The external fluid bed is either a standalone unit for specific functionality powders, or it is an integrated part of the spray drying system. Either of these configurations will apply the final drying and cooling of the product.

Fluid beds designed for your applications

The SiccaDania team of experts will work closely with our customers to find the fluid bed solution which meets the exact requirements of the application in question.

With the SiccaDania fluid beds, we offer:

  • Easy access
  • Higher yield
  • Cost-effective design and installation
  • Optimisation of the product quality and reduction of the amount of “off-spec powder”