Screw Conveyors

Mixing Screws

Mixing screws are designed to suit an individual product where it is important to either homogenise or separate the product flows.
Mixing screw VTK SiccaDania
Mixing screw VTK SiccaDania

SiccaDania mixing screws are used to either homogenise a bulk product or mix two separate product flows either

  • dry/dry
  • dry/wet
  • dry/liquid

Product discharge from centrifuges or sieves can be lumpy or have an inconsistent composure which, in many cases, has a negative influence on the next production phase such as drying.

In other cases, the product shall be mixed with a secondary flow to reach the required composition or moisture content.

The SiccaDania mixing screws are specifically designed per application by selecting blades and/or ribbon, rotational speeds and direction of rotation and number of shafts.


  • CIP systems
  • Multiple product inlets and outlets
  • Slide gates for output control