Starch and Protein


We can help you commercialise the extraction of starch, protein, and fibre from peas in a zero-waste, sustainable manufacturing process.

Advanced extraction technologies for efficient pea processing

Peas are rich in proteins, starch and dietary fibres and are a good alternative to soy. Low in common allergens and non-GMO, raw dried peas deteriorate slowly when stored well, making them ideal for processing.

A key success factor in pea processing is ensuring the extraction process has the right balance of gentleness and effectiveness. This ensures the purity of the end-product is maintained while achieving maximum yield. At the same time, it is necessary to minimise energy and water consumption, not just for the sake of the environment, but also for cost control.

Process equipment for pea proteins and pea fibres

With our unique process design and state-of-the-art processing technology, you can produce highly refined pea starch, food-grade pea fibres and pea protein isolates. Using our wet milling system, together with our centrifugal sieving design and hydro cyclone system, results in a high-quality end product.

The pea protein and fibre fractions you can achieve with this process have a neutral flavour profile and light colour. This, along with the high content of dietary fibres and high water and lipid-binding capacity of the fibre fraction, makes them ideal for food applications.

Green pea flour and green split peas

Efficient drying technologies reduce production costs 

Whatever process you need for your protein separation or protein drying requirements, we can provide a turnkey solution. We manufacture different dryer types for plant protein drying and we design the separation and drying process to enable cost-effective production of pea protein concentrates and pea protein isolate products.

Depending on your pea protein drying requirements, we provide spray-drying (with or without agglomeration) or Zeta-drying technologies.

Our flash drying system features rotating vacuum filters, which help to reduce the costs of starch drying.

Drying pea fibres can be achieved in a highly efficient process with our Zeta® drying systems, which are optimised by our process designers, especially for the purpose.  

Minimising environmental impact

Our pea processing lines are designed to minimise the consumption of resources needed to produce high-quality food ingredients. We have designed a highly energy-effective extraction system and water recovery system that can be implemented as an attachment to the main production line. This helps to ensure that the gentle extraction process reduces environmental impact without compromising product yield or purity.

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