SiccaDania brings customers the widest and most customisable range of evaporators, ranging from pilot scale capacities to 80 tons per hour of water evaporation.

We deliver evaporators adapted to our customers

SiccaDania specialises in designing, engineering, and installing evaporators for our customers in the dairy, starch and food industries.

We work together with our customers to ensure that the correct solution is provided for the specific application. With our application and technical experts on hand, we can provide customers with the most efficient setup.

Top-of-the-class evaporators

SiccaDania experts do not just stick with what they know – they try to find a better, more efficient and greener way of constructing and designing our evaporators.

With a broad range of expertise within SiccaDania, we can create solutions that transcend the normal boundaries of one individual technology and create newer, more energy-efficient and smaller solutions that are designed for our customers.

As a supplier of evaporators, we offer

  • Innovative solutions
  • Custom-made configurations
  • High focus on decreasing energy consumption
  • Flexible heat treatment systems
  • Optimisation of running hours without compromising the bacterial growth
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Trustworthy partnership

At SiccaDania, we have one of the most experienced teams in the industry. Our team has acquired extensive technology know-how from decades of work experience in the process industry. The team members have all been working for well-known providers of evaporation technology, before coming to SiccaDania. This guarantees that your plant will meet your expectations both in terms of quality and time of delivery.

We guarantee you a fast response time, reliable guidance and easy access to any spare parts you may need in the future.


Find the right evaporator

Are you uncertain about which type of evaporator is most suitable for your needs? SiccaDania provides pre-production capabilities from our Innovation Centre in Denmark. This offers you the unique opportunity to test a setup beforehand.

Read more about our testing capabilities at our Innovation Centre.


At SiccaDania, we have an ongoing dialogue with our customers, and have therefore gathered the questions that are most often asked here:
  • What is the difference between an MVR and TVR evaporator?

    MVR is a Mechanical Vapor Recompression system, the energy source is Power/Electricity and it has very low energy consumption

    TVR is a Thermal Vapor Recompression system- the energy source is steam, and the energy consumption is dependent on the number of stages (calandrias) of evaporation.

  • Why use a Falling Film evaporator?

    The falling film evaporator is a gentle way to remove water in a very energy-efficient way. Small footprint for high evaporation.

  • How high can you go in total solids?

    This is very dependent on the type of product, all products must be individually considered, mostly the stickiness and viscosity will determine the total solids.

  • Does viscosity have an impact on the possibility to use an evaporator?

    Yes, the viscosity is a very critical factor for good evaporation, the product must be pumpable.

  • What kind of products can you run on a falling film evaporator?

    Almost all pumpable liquids and soluble products can be run on a falling film evaporator.

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