SiccaDania provides our customers with a combination of the best drying equipment designed to fit the specific applications. Ranging from a small scale spray dryer to a complete spray dryer SiccaDania provides expertise in choosing the right dryer.

We provide industry leading solutions for high quality drying

SiccaDania offers premium quality industrial dryers for the dairy, starch and food industries. Our reference list represents a broad number of installed plants. SiccaDania offers you a collaboration with an experienced team consisting of our process- and design engineers, project managers and skilled installers.

We work closely with our customers to offer an accessible and customised solution that meets the exact requirements of the application. Furthermore, our dedicated team of drying experts can provide world-class sparring in finding the most efficient setup.

Reliable and efficient dryers

SiccaDania offers proven designs and competitive solutions for your drying applications. Our designs continually meet your expectations for product quality, energy efficiency and lower maintenance costs.

As a supplier of dryers, we offer:

  • Best in class drying technology
  • High know-how on production processes
  • Full test centre from product intake to powder production
  • Output dedicated engineering
  • Efficient plant footprint
  • Energy-efficient dryers

In-house workshop

Our manufacturing workshop in Poland is one of the most experienced stainless-steel workshops for dryers worldwide. Having our own workshop secures full control of the project from order to final installation and commissioning.

At SiccaDania, we focus on our customers and their needs. This also transcends into our choice of sub-supplier. We are free to choose whatever sub-supplier is best suited for our customers and for the individual drying application.

Trustworthy partnership

At SiccaDania, we have one of the most experienced teams in the industry. Our team has acquired extensive technology know-how from decades of work experience in the process industry. The team members have all been working for well-known providers of drying technology, before coming to SiccaDania. This guarantees that your plant will meet your expectations both in terms of quality and time of delivery.

We guarantee you fast response time, reliable guidance, and easy access to any spare parts you may need down the line. Getting your production up and running fast after a production breakdown is our promise.

Find the right drying solution

Are you uncertain about which type of dryer you should choose? SiccaDania offers pre-production capabilities in our Innovation Centre in Denmark. This offers you the unique opportunity to test a drying set-up beforehand.

Read more about our testing capabilities at our Innovation Centre.


At SiccaDania, we have an ongoing dialogue with our customers, and have therefore gathered the questions that are most often asked here:
  • How is the dryer protected to prevent hazardous situations?

    There are several options available ranging from fire nozzles, explosion vent panels, suppression systems, flameless explosion venting and detection/monitoring by temperatures, pressures, and CO detection.

  • What is the steel material used for manufacturing a dryer?

    As a standard Stainless Steel 304 but also higher grades stainless steel is available.

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