Meeting face to face again at Anuga FoodTec

Last week Anuga FoodTec took off once more, inviting more than 1000 suppliers and 25.000 trade visitors. Anuga FoodTec 2022 provided a place where the processing industry meets customers. After being postponed for one year, we were now more than ready to come out and meet customers again face to face.

Published: 10th of May 2022

Anuga FoodTec draws out the food, dairy and beverage industry, gathering them all in one place – both end customers and the production processes providers. So, we put our process technology front and centre. For the first time in SiccaDania’s history, we could present the entire SiccaDania Group as a collective Group to all our customers at a trade fair – from dairy dryers, freeze dryers, membrane filtration units and high shear mixers to starch processing equipment and aftermarket.

“I have been following SiccaDania’s development over the years and I am impressed by the position you have reached. This is also clearly seen here on the stand” – Customer

After years of research and development, completion of projects and growth, it was a delight to be able to show a united front.

Our focus for this year’s Anuga exhibition is innovation within process technology and plant-based proteins. There are plenty of process equipment suppliers targeting the plant protein space, so SiccaDania wanted to demonstrate to the market that process equipment in isolation does not constitute the solutions, that operators on this space is looking for. Besides a full range of process equipment for these applications, SiccaDania showcased its competences within process knowhow and IP facilitating production of second-generation plant protein isolates with improved functional properties. In addition, we wanted to show customers our commitment to sustainable food” – says Søren Rasmussen, CEO of SiccaDania Group

Innovative technology and processes

Innovation in technology goes hand in hand with innovation in food and proteins. Therefore, it was perfect to display the newest innovation within membrane filtration – LeanFlux. This new innovation, in which we apply an innovative combination of known elements from well-proven technologies for low-pressure applications, was a big draw on the stand and at Speakers Corner.

“Bringing our newest innovation was a great way to help our customers understand exactly what it is that we do differently from our competitors. With new innovations come a million questions. Being able to stand alongside the new technology made some questions easy to answer“– Lars Bo Fredsted, Managing Director SiccaDania Filtration.

Anuga Foodtec was our way to show the world our passion – both for our technology but also for the future of foods At this year’s Anuga, we were able to present our process for plant-based proteins through innovative use of hologram projection and screens.

“Especially this focus on plant-based proteins as our main focus in the industry was spot on. Customers reacted positively with several comments on our segment at Speakers Corner and the design of the stand. We used this opportunity to position ourselves in the market and it showed. Many customers from big industry leaders to universities stopped by to discuss the SiccaDania approach to plant-based proteins and our One-In-All-Out philosophy” – says Arend Jan van Gelder, Managing Director of Starch and Proteins.

The SiccaDania One-In-All-Out design philosophy is a keystone in our approach to green proteins. This was also the main focus of our speaker’s corner.

Speakers Corner

With more than 100 people participating in our two speakers’ corner and many more stopping by, we got to tell customers about the SiccaDania approach to the future of crossflow membrane filtration – LeanFlux and Cost and resource-efficient production of plant-based proteins on an industrial scale.

Dr Keld Markedal drew quite the crowd when he started to explain how the SiccaDania process ensures cost and resource-efficient production of plant-based proteins on an industrial scale.

This segment was deeply tied to the SiccaDania vision of making food processing better – more sustainable, healthier, and safer. And to our green protein-dominated stand at Anuga.

Technology Corner

SiccaDania Group is more than plant proteins. With our technology corner, we got to showcase only a little extract of our technology including Freeze Dryers, Mixing and Membrane Filtration.

Several customers found this stainless steel area exciting. It is a good opportunity to have a deeper look into our technology. Our customers could experience the dynamic high shear on our LabMaster from Daniatech, see the new configuration of elements on LeanFlux and take a tour through the control panel of our FD30 freeze dryer.

“Having some visuals with us to the stand provided us with a good conversation starter and increased awareness about SiccaDania freeze dryers. We were reaffirmed in our thoughts that many food producers are looking for new ways to preserve the integrity of their products. We had many customers coming through looking for an innovative solution for preserving fruits and vegetables.” Bjarne Büchert, Sales Manager SiccaDania Freeze Drying.

All visitors who came by the SiccaDania stand emphasized how good it was to be able to meet people in person again. No matter how accustomed we have become to using virtual meeting rooms and online platforms, it can never make up for the livelier conversations we can have face-to-face.