Ring Dryers

The SiccaDania Ring Dryers are perfectly designed for extended drying of starch, fibres and proteins such as gluten.

SiccaDania ring dryers are pneumatic dryers used for extended drying of powdered products such as (modified) starches, fibres, and certain proteins (e.g. gluten).

The ring dryers are equipped with a centrifugal classifier for sifting of dried product and semi-dried product. The dried product leaves the dryer where the semi-dried product is internally recirculated for extended drying.

SiccaDania ring dryers are suitable for drying difficult products and can handle the sticky feed as long as it is pumpable. The ring dryers can be fitted with in-line disintegrators for milling and mixing.

Key features of SiccaDania ring dryers:

  • Removal of surface moisture and bound moisture.
  • Extended residence time due to internal recycling of heavier wetter particles.
  • For heat sensitive products or products less sensitive to heat. Internal recycling of product to a specific temperature section of the dryer for optimum product quality.
  • Possibility of internal coating of the wet feed with external recycle material
  • Fit for purpose by using of our own Siccadania equipment such as fans, cyclones, filters and screw conveyors.