Zeta Dryers

SiccaDania provides the optimal drying solution for high-viscous products – The Zeta Dryer. This dryer is designed to dry proteins, fibres and paste-like chemical products.

SiccaDania offers industrial drying systems in high quality widely used for the industrial drying of proteins and fibres. One of our most advanced dryers is the Zeta dryer, which is able to dry a greater range of products than any other dryer.

The Zeta Dryer has the capacity to dry high viscous plant fibres, plant proteins and animal protein products, as well as mixtures of various food matrices. This combined with the fact that this dryer is more compact than our previous dryers, provides our customers with the best quality and a cost-effective solution for their production.

At SiccaDania, we accommodate the future of the food industry. Since plant protein extraction is a highly prioritized focus area for the industry, we have been researching within this field and developed a spray drying technology that meets the industrial demands of the future.

Upgrade to the Zeta Dryer

The Zeta dryer is a superior choice for some applications and will in some instances be more cost effective and energy efficient compared to the equipment the Zeta is replacing.

From Flash dryer to Zeta dryer

The advantages of replacing your conventional Flash dryer with a Zeta dryer is that you will experience a better water binding ability when processing plant fibres. With the Zeta Dryer the drying process gives you a better quality of the finished product.

From Spray or DISC to Zeta dryer

When drying proteins whether it is animal- or plant-based proteins there are several advantages changing from the spray or DISC dryer to our Zeta Dryer.

If you compare a Zeta dryer to a conventional spray drying system, you will experience lower energy consumption, lower building costs and a good product quality. When replacing a DICS dryer, you will experience that the Zeta is more expensive and uses more energy, but this is offset by the much higher quality in the finished product.

One of the main advantages with this dryer, is that all additional features such as powder cooling, bagging-of, and different types of air heating systems can be added to the system.

Try the Zeta Dryer

The Zeta is a unique dryer developed by SiccaDania. Are you uncertain whether this dryer is the right for your spray drying process then you have the opportunity to visit our Innovation Centre, where you can examine the equipment and the drying process on a pilot scale.

Visiting our innovation centre gives you the opportunity to consult our experts that will provide you with extensive technology know-how. Learn more about our Innovation Centre.


As Zeta dryer supplier we offer:

  • Expert help to find the right drying solution
  • Cheaper solutions, with improved product quality
  • High operational reliability and personal safety
  • Innovation in pre-processing and drying solution

The combination ensures your business needs and expectations will have a greater chance of being fulfilled.