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Animal Proteins

We provide the know-how and process technology for the extraction of animal-based protein ingredients.

Maximising the output of animal processing

Animal-based proteins can be used as a functional ingredient in foods or for feed, for example in pet food. Producing the protein product involves either drying the blood as it is or separating it into plasma and haemoglobin. 

Blood from healthy, veterinary-approved animals is processed to produce spray-dried plasma (SDP). An example of the use of spray-dried plasma is in pig feed, where it has several benefits including improving weight gain, feed intake and production efficiency. 

Equipment and processes for spray-dried plasma

Key elements of the plasma manufacturing process include: 

  • Collection and transport of blood from the slaughterhouse 
  • Centrifugation to separate the red blood cells from the plasma fraction 
  • Spray drying to rapidly dry the concentrated liquid into powder 

During the process, it is important to preserve the biological activity of the proteins, including the albumins and globulins.  

SiccaDania can provide all the necessary expertise and equipment to help you produce spray-dried plasma. 

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