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Entering a new market or bringing new products to the market opens a world of opportunities – and challenges such as investment, innovation, network, partnership, capital, and expertise. The SiccaDania Group is our customer’s partner all the way through their project.
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Find the right process for your plant protein. We provide a full range of equipment that can be manufactured to your specific production requirements within the plant protein process.
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We have developed a unique technology concept that ensures gentle fractionation of plant materials into high-value products tailored for specific markets. The One-In-All-Out concept involves optimising fractionation methods to produce native plant ingredients.
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Providing development
resources and support

Regardless of the raw material or target market, we provide a customised, wall-to-wall process – from wet to dry to end-product. Using our upstream and downstream expertise, we can help you establish efficient, sustainable production processes for the plant protein of your choice.
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Creating the best final product

Bitter taste and off-flavours, as well as contents of colour precursors and various toxic compounds, are characteristic of many plant-based products. This is a challenge for using plant-derived products as food ingredients. Choosing the right processing technology reduces the concentration of these compounds without compromising the nutritional value and thereby increases the applicability of plant-based products as food ingredients. We use our laboratory facilities and test facilities at our innovation centre to ensure the best final product.
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Avebe is very satisfied with the new dryer installation and is looking forward to future projects Rick Harms, Senior Project Manager & Account Manager

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SiccaDania Universe

SiccaDania bets on reducing energy costs of drying processes

Reducing energy costs of drying processes requires technology, as developed by SiccaDania.

Invex Group acquires the core business of SiccaDania Group

Invex Group is pleased to announce that it has taken over the main activities of the SiccaDania Group as of June 28th 2023.

We are excited about the acquisition of the SiccaDania activities and find this a perfect fit into the existing portfolio of business owned by Invex Group.
9 - Industry, innovation and infrastructure
12 - Responsible consumption and production

Reducing Entobacteria

Enterobacteriaiaceae is often considered to be an indicator of contamination. We have focused on reducing and possibly eliminating the risk of Enterobacteriaceae in our high-quality product processes.
2 - Zero hunger
9 - Industry, innovation and infrastructure
12 - Responsible consumption and production

SiccaDania bets on vegetable proteins

The processing of proteinaceous crops requires industrial processes, as developed by SiccaDania.
9 - Industry, innovation and infrastructure
12 - Responsible consumption and production

Heat recovery and flexibility

Today energy and utility consumption are increasingly important for our customers as spray dryers and other dryers often have high utility costs. With a RECU system, utility costs are reduced.
12 - Responsible consumption and production

Sustainable recovery of starch from cutting water

By recovering the starch from the cutting water, the life of the water can be extended and operating costs reduced while also maximising the profit from the starch.
2 - Zero hunger
11 - Sustainable cities and communities
12 - Responsible consumption and production

With you every step of the way

For the first time, we were able to show our customers what we mean when we say – We are a full in-house technology provider – with you every step of the way.

Anuga FoodTec

Last week Anuga FoodTec took off once more, inviting more than 1000 suppliers and 25.000 trade visitors. Anuga FoodTec 2022 provided a place where the processing industry meets customers. After being postponed for one year, we were now more than ready to come out and meet customers again face to face.
9 - Industry, innovation and infrastructure
12 - Responsible consumption and production

Breakthrough technology will produce green proteins greener

SiccaDania Filtration and the SiccaDania group will supply key technology for a protein factory in Hedensted, Denmark, for the extraction of green proteins from fava beans.
7 - Affordable and clean energy
9 - Industry, innovation and infrastructure
12 - Responsible consumption and production

Revolutionising the global market for plant-based diets

Faba bean protein will revolutionise the global market for plant-based diets. SiccaDania and Meelunie have developed an exciting concept for protein extraction of foods, which in contrast to another alternative, will be produced in our own backyard. The project supports Denmark’s continued development towards being a front-runner for sustainability and protein extraction.
9 - Industry, innovation and infrastructure
12 - Responsible consumption and production

Evaporator for Emsland Group

Emsland Group is setting up a new Potato Protein recovery plant in their production facilities in Wietzendorf. For this new process, SiccaDania will supply the evaporator system which will concentrate the water stream from the protein separation.
4 - Quality Education
17 - Partnerships for the goals

Creating and testing processes

The SiccaDania Innovation Centre is at the forefront of creating and testing sustainable processes for a variety of products. We work closely together with our customers to ensure that their process is optimised for their product.
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