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We help food manufacturers produce flavours with state-of-the-art technology and services designed to optimise the spray drying process.

Advanced equipment and services for processing powder flavours

Flavours are mostly used to alter or improve a natural product’s taste. Generally, there are three groups of flavours: natural, nature-identical and artificial substances. Most flavours are produced in powder form for easy storing, packaging and transportation.

Spray drying is a commonly used technique to produce powder flavours, which have a longer shelf life and are easier to handle.

In spray drying, the input is atomised into a stream of hot air. The atomised articles dry very rapidly, trapping volatile flavour constituents inside the droplets. The powder is recovered via cyclone collectors.

In freeze-drying, the desired end product is loaded onto trays in a frozen state and placed in the freeze drying chamber.

Advantages of spray drying ingredients

  • Superior dissolving in both hot and cold liquids
  • Improved heat and oxidative resistance
  • Ease of handling for reduced contamination risk
  • Creates a high-impact flavour with a controlled flavour response
  • Controlled particle size
  • Cost-effective
  • Low moisture content reduces the risk of clumping

Spray drying of flavours is a core competency at SiccaDania

We manufacture advanced spray drying equipment at our manufacturing facilities, and our specialists work alongside customers to help design entire process systems based on individual requirements.

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