Showcasing our way of providing for our customers

For the first time, we were able to show our customers what we mean when we say – We are a full in-house technology provider – with you every step of the way.

Published: 17th of May 2022

Anuga FoodTec 2022 provided an excellent stage for a show-and-tell of our full-in-house philosophy – from initial project start-up through process designs to final product characteristics. We are with you every step of the way.

Entering a new market or bringing new products to the market opens a world of opportunities – and challenges. This includes investment, innovation, network, partnership, capital, and expertise. The SiccaDania Group is our customer’s partner all the way through their project.

With you every step of the way - technology provider factory

As a technology provider and confidant to our customers, we have a responsibility to contribute to creating a sustainable process with maximum yield and profit. In our world of food ingredients processing, that means an intense focus on:

  • Zero waste through complete crop valorisation
  • Minimising freshwater consumption by maximising water reuse
  • Maximising energy savings

We provide a full range of equipment that can be manufactured for the customer’s specific production requirements within the dairy and food industry, especially within the green plant proteins. Our equipment range covers:

Whether the customer is an established business or a start-up, we help and support them to achieve their visions by offering technical solutions, proprietary processes, project development, final product characteristics, and project financing. A project run with the aid of SiccaDania focuses on creating a sustainable process specially designed for our customers’ vision.

Sustainable production plants are a key focus for us and for the industry. With increased gas, oil and food prices, we make machinery with minimum utility consumption. This equipment is also designed to improve and increase yield. We will help you design the process suited for your application.

Take a look at how we are with you every step of the way