Breakthrough technology will produce green proteins greener

SiccaDania Filtration and the SiccaDania group will supply key technology for a protein factory in Hedensted, Denmark, for the extraction of green proteins from fava beans.

Published: 05th of April 2022

A number of Danish investors and the global supplier of plant-based ingredients including proteins, Meelunie, will invest 250 million DKK in the factory. A new membrane filtration solution offers a wide range of advantages over traditional systems.

LeanFlux® is a brand new developed, next-generation membrane filtration system that creates significant reductions in operating costs, energy consumption, and CO2 emissions. The technology is patent-pending and challenges the well-known MF/UF membrane filtration plants, which have been used as a standard solution in the dairy and food industry for decades.

SiccaDania Filtration, a subsidiary of the SiccaDania Group, will deliver LeanFlux processors for the new factory, Meelunie GPI A/S, in Hedensted, Denmark. This is the company’s first major order for LeanFlux. In addition to this plant, so-called RO plants are also supplied for efficient evaporation of residual products, as well as recycling of process water.

The driver behind the factory project is the desire to increase the local production of proteins. Meanwhile, also ensures a significant reduction in CO2 emissions and contributes to the green transition of the agriculture sector. LeanFlux sets a new standard for the efficient extraction of green proteins from fava beans. The production will replace soybeans from South America and protein powder from China.

LeanFlux – a greener solution for proteins

LeanFlux pilot in factory to produce plant proteins

A very important step in protein extraction is two LeanFlux processors (each about 35 tons/hour). Here, an ultrafiltration process (UF) concentrates valuable proteins from fava beans. Afterwards, subsequent spray drying transforms the extract into high-quality protein powder. LeanFlux operates at 30-40 percent lower operating costs compared to traditional plants.

SiccaDania Filtration also supplies the RO plants, which reap further savings on energy and investment. The reverse osmosis (RO) concentrates the partial flow (UF permeate/residual products) from the UF processing plants.

At the same time, the consumption of water is reduced, as an efficient purification of the process water means that it can be recycled within the factory.

Contribution to greater sustainability within plant proteins

With LeanFlux, SiccaDania Filtration introduces a completely new system design. This means that we can dimension the processing plants more efficiently and construct them with a smaller footprint than before. Thus saving operating costs as well as valuable square meters.

LeanFlux is a good example of putting innovation and forward-thinking first.

It is amazing what you can achieve if you break down the traditional MF/UF solution into its basic building blocks and components and redefine the solution from the ground up,

says Morten Tordrup Andersen, Sales Director at SiccaDania Filtration, based in Stilling, Denmark.

Our new solution makes the production of green proteins even greener. We owe it to the next generations that production takes place as sustainably as possible, and we are very happy to be able to make our contribution,

concludes Lars Bo Fredsted, CEO of SiccaDania Filtration.

Advantages for dairies using LeanFlux

Traditional MF and UF crossflow membrane filtration systems are installed at most dairies. As the dairy and food industry focuses heavily on production costs and environmental impact, SiccaDania Filtration also sees great potential in LeanFlux for the dairy sector. LeanFlux is also suitable for concentrating and fractionating proteins in other food categories.

Fact box

LeanFlux® – next-generation MF / UF membrane filtration

Segmented design solves challenges

The well-known challenge in crossflow membrane filtration is the traditional “loop design”, where the parallel construction of pressure pipes requires a very high circulation flow to maintain the necessary crossflow.

LeanFlux solves this by using a unique system design with segmented modules and application software that ensures optimal control of key parameters in the process.

With LeanFlux, SiccaDania Filtration introduces a completely new system design primarily for MF and UF applications. With this new design, it is possible to dimension and construct systems more efficiently with consequent significant operating savings. The efficient construction means that the system takes up much less space, and thus has a smaller footprint.

Optimised operation and lower costs

Operating costs are up to 40 percent lower with LeanFlux compared to traditional crossflow filtering because the segmented design is significantly more efficient. It reduces energy consumption, water consumption and the use of cleaning agents, just as it provides less wear and tear on the membranes.

The LeanFlux solution is based on proven technologies, standard components and known flow principles. This makes it easy to implement LeanFlux® in existing production lines and plants.

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