Screw Conveyors

Dewatering Screws

SiccaDania screw presses are used for dewatering wet feed products prior to drying to reduce water evaporation and therefore reduce the dryer size.
Dewatering screw RENDER

The screw press is equipped with cylindrical screen plates, mounted in casings. Each casing consists of 2 half scales which are bolted together. The screw auger starts cylindrical at the inlet side to become conical at the outlet side. Combined with a changing pitch of the screw blades, this causes increased pressure on the product. Free water is pressed out of the wet product through the screen plate of the casing and the dewatered product is discharged into a hopper.

The bottom of the screw press is equipped with a trough to collect the filtrate water. Because of the inclined arrangement of the press the water is concentrated at one central point where a drain connection is positioned with a flange connection. Because there is only one central drain the cost of piping and drilling holes through concrete floors is minimised.


The screw press can be delivered with the following options:

  • Automated high-pressure CIP system
  • High-pressure pump skid
  • Inlet hopper for continuous feeding of the press
  • Buffer hopper
  • Dewatering screens on hoppers incl. cleaning
  • Feeding pumps and valves