About Us

Our History

In 2014, a group of engineers with vast experience in the drying and evaporating industries established SiccaDania, a company that focuses on creating the solutions our customers want.

August 2014 – SiccaDania was established under the name Danish Separation Technology

… and a new story began in Birkerød, Denmark.

December 2014 – SiccaDania opens our office in China

China was the first step on our international journey. To provide great customer service, we needed to be close to our customers and know their issues. Together with a highly qualified team, SiccaDania China now helps our customers in the Asian markets receive customised solutions for their applications.

Marts 2015 – SiccaDania changes name to SiccaDania

SiccaDania derives from the Latin word “Sicca” which means to dry combined with a short form for Danish – Dania.

December 2015 – SiccaDania opens our office in New Zealand

Another location was added to our growing number of offices. With the establishment of an office in New Zealand, we were ready to provide our expertise to the many dairy companies of Oceania.

April 2016 – SiccaDania opens our office in France

France was next in line. The addition of some great experts and sales personnel within drying has made it possible to provide our customers with customised, dedicated, and understandable solutions.

May 2017 – SiccaDania opens our office in Singapore

The next step on the journey was Singapore. With an increasing market in Asia, we saw a need for another office. Together with a dedicated team consisting of experienced people within starch, dairy and food, we were now ready to provide our customers in the SEA region with a solution that would fit exactly their needs.

June 2017 – SiccaDania establishes a business venture unit – SD Venture

SD Venture seeks out, identifies, and evaluates “green-field” projects for the purpose of participating as a minority investor and co-developer which in turn will secure orders for SiccaDania’s core business. With SD Venture and the technology provided by the SiccaDania Group along with its subsidiaries, the entire raw material is utilised. We work according to the principle of a circular economy, focusing on minimising the production plants’ impact on the planet.

February 2018 – SiccaDania establishes SiccaDania Filtration

SiccaDania Filtration A/S is an integral part of our Group, providing membrane filtration units. SD Filtration’s core team, each with over 20 years of experience within their field has been involved in successful deliveries of several hundred-membrane filtration processing plants worldwide. Together with the customer, we can produce cross-flow filtration units for any given technical challenge or request within the dairy industry.

April 2018 – SiccaDania establishes SiccaDania Daniatech through the acquisition of Daniatech ApS

Another essential unit of SiccaDania Group is our mixing subsidiary, Daniatech. With over two decades of experience, Daniatech has been delivering hundreds of mixing systems all over the world. Our subsidiary will not only offer the end-user quality and efficiency but also a wide range of mixers and vacuum mixers for dairy, food, beverage, biopharma, and pharmaceutical applications.

April 2018 – SiccaDania establishes SiccaDania Poland through the acquisition of ACO

Acquiring ACO made SiccaDania a complete in-house technology provider – from engineering and design to manufacturing and installation. At our site in Poland, there are more than 200 people. They are specialists in components manufactured for spray dryers, Zeta Dryers, fluid beds, ducts, air intake systems, tubular evaporators, and many other engineered stainless-steel thin plate constructions. Moreover, we have around 75 employees specialising in the installation of large process plants worldwide. With an impressive set-up of fully equipped installation containers, we can undertake complete turnkey installation jobs of ample projects.

June 2018 – SiccaDania opens our first office in The Netherlands

Our first office in the Netherlands was an extension of our Headquarters. With specialists in Dairy, Food and Starch drying, we now had the opportunity to reach our customers where they are.

September 2018 – SiccaDania opens our first office in Germany – Flensburg

The first office in Germany was a move of the Danish part of ACO. The aftermarket and service experts previously employed by ACO now migrated into SiccaDania GmbH. With extensive knowledge about dryers, evaporators and process equipment, our experts could provide our customers in the DACH region, with local experts.

October 2018 – SiccaDania expanded through the acquisition of NivobaHovex

With more than 125 years of knowledge in developing technologies catering to the demands of starch producers over the world, NivobaHovex has supplemented the SiccaDania Group well. NivobaHovex has been a technology leader throughout our existence. With a machine mix for native starch, derivative and various down-stream products, we can provide the entire starch operation for a range of starch types: potato, cassava, corn, wheat, pea, rice, and sago. We develop and commercialise equipment for the starch processing industry. We ensure highly efficient and responsible starch solutions for customers.

October 2018 – SiccaDania establishes SiccaDania Freeze Drying through the acquisition of Coboti

SiccaDania Freeze Drying designs & delivers the latest freeze-drying technology, particularly for the nutraceutical sector. The company was originally founded in 2016 by leading technology specialists with many years of experience in the sanitary equipment industry. SD Freeze Drying is capable of supplying equipment for liquid processing, powder handling, bagging-off systems, automation, and other industry-related systems. Our core technologies lie within freeze dryers and loading/unloading robot systems.

November 2018 – SiccaDania opens our Innovation Centre

Our Innovation Centre is one of our most important tools. This centre provides facilities for testing on a pilot scale. Customers may benefit from testing a processing set-up that allows them to get the right production equipment tested to conform to the quality of the products.

We pride ourselves on knowing everything about an application, and this centre allows us to do just that.

December 2018 – SiccaDania opens our second office in Germany – Essen

The next step on our journey provided us with a new opportunity in Germany. Together with leading experts in Bag filters, we opened our second German office in Essen. This has now become our technology centre for Bag Filters.

August 2019 – SiccaDania acquires VTK

VTK B.V. is a specialist in process engineering and equipment manufacturing for air/gas/solids systems. With more than 125 years of extensive experience as a preferred vendor, our combined systems contribute to an increase in knowledge which allows our clients to maximise their output. SiccaDania VTK has more than a century of history including name changes and acquisitions including Van Tongeren Kennemer, Kennemer Luchtbehandeling, Spaans Bulkhandling Systems, Ingenieursbureau Van Tongeren and Machinefabriek De Kennemer.

February 2020 – SiccaDania opens our office in South America – Brazil

One of the newest steps on our ladder is the opening of our office in South America. The South American market is as diverse as its countries. With our local experts, our customers are met where they are and when they need us.

January 2021 – SiccaDania opens our office in Canada – Calgary

The latest addition to our country list is Canada. This is a part of the strategy to focus on providing a sustainable alternative to meat and animal proteins. The office in Canada will specialise in creating customised processing lines for Plant-Based Proteins, starch, and fibres.

June 2023 – Invex Group acquires the core business of SiccaDania Group

Invex Group is pleased to announce that it has taken over the main activities of the SiccaDania Group as of June 28th 2023.

We are excited about the acquisition of the SiccaDania activities and find this a perfect fit into the existing portfolio of business owned by Invex Group.