Pro-biotic Bacteria

Design your probiotics production process for optimal temperature, humidity and air quality to ensure the best possible product quality.

Clean, closed systems for maximum stability

Probiotics are live microorganisms that can help to maintain a healthy balance in the body when consumed. A popular ingredient in yoghurts, dietary supplements and even beauty products, they can support the body’s immune function and help to control inflammation.

Probiotics must be manufactured under strict hygienic conditions to avoid cross-contamination between the operators and the process equipment. All equipment needs to be easy to clean and all closed systems must be built for Clean In Place (CIP).

The production process must be designed to carefully manage temperature, humidity, air quality and similar environmental factors for maximum stability.

Choose the right drying process 

The optimal drying system for your process depends on your production objectives. Spray drying can be advantageous for producing a fine powder and often carries a lower cost of production. Freeze drying may be preferable to ensure the probiotic’s qualities are retained and to minimise waste. We can help you determine the right drying process for your operations.

Automated processes ensure full compliance

We deliver probiotics processing lines with fully automatic robot modules specifically designed to avoid cross-contamination. This automation means that operators do not need to enter the production area, and the hygienic design ensures that all internal parts can be cleaned via CIP with a single push of a button.

Throughout the process, operators can easily monitor and measure all processing parameters to ensure full compliance with hygiene requirements.

To help you maintain production efficiency, we have designed our systems so that individual equipment can be shut down independently. As you clean each part via CIP, the rest of the process line can continue to operate unaffected.

We can provide the equipment and process knowledge to help you achieve a commercially viable probiotics production line.

How can we help you?

Ask us how we can help you optimise or design a hygienic, stable processing line for your probiotic bacteria ingredients.