Fans and Blowers

Flow Control and Monitoring

Flow control allows our customers to create an optimum process condition making the entire process as efficient and effective as possible.
Flow control SD VTK

Flow control is required for many processes to reach an optimum process condition or when multiple operating cases are required. Energy consumption is one of the key items in the selection and operation of the fans and blowers. When the operating point of the fan is fluctuating due to either process conditions or specific pre-defined operating cases, the controllability and power consumption are dependent on the flow control.

SiccaDania offers three options for flow control:

  • Speed regulation – Control range 100 % to 10 % – Power saving proportional to flow reduction
  • Inlet vane control – Control range 100% to 25 % – Moderate power saving
  • Inlet or outlet damper – Control range limited, depending on a fan curve. No power saving

Speed regulation

When the flow or pressure is regulated by varying the rotational speed of the fan or blowers, the performance curves are changed, proportional with the speed: flow dependency linear, pressure to the power 2 and power to the power 3. This leads to operating the fan at the most optimum efficiency.

The speed regulation is achieved by using a frequency converter to control the supply frequency to the electric motor.

Inlet vane control

The inlet vane control (IVC) in combination with a fixed speed is a more cost-effective alternative for controlling airflow and pressure than a fan with speed regulation, especially when high voltage motors are used.

The IVC is installed at the fan inlet and generates a pre-whirl of the gas entering the fan which will alter the fan performance curve. The whirl has the same rotation direction as the fan impeller thus reducing the fan’s mass flow, pressure increase and energy consumption.

Damper control

Damper control, either in the inlet or outlet duct, introduces a resistance in the air system due to which the flow will decrease, following the initial performance curve. This throttling effect is often used for systems that require constant pressure over the operating range (i.e. inside a vessel) and only need to compensate for the pressure drop over the ducting.


Fans and blowers are the main driving force in the air or gas-operated systems. SiccaDania fans and blowers provide a stable and reliable performance which is a key factor for continuous production.

In addition to the mechanical and structural reliability, the monitoring process and mechanical parameters will give an insight into the operation of the system.

Monitoring options

SiccaDania offers a wide range of monitoring options:

  • Anti-surge control: For detecting and resolving process disruptions upstream and downstream the fans and blowers
  • Vibration and temperature monitoring
  • Pressure control and regulation
  • Seal gas supply and safeguarding systems
  • Lube oil and cooling oil supply systems for bearings