We provide the optimal, stable processing solution to help you manufacture hemp seed oil with excellent oxidation stability and long shelf life.

Managing the complexities of hemp seed oil production

An extremely versatile substance, hemp has been used as an ingredient in food, oil, fibre and medicine for many centuries. Hemp seed oil is valued for its high nutritional quality and for its health benefits. Today, hemp fibre is also used in the production of many different types of products. This includes special types of paper, such as cigarette papers and banknotes, as well as teabags, fibre for textiles, clothing, shoes, building insulation, construction materials, biofuels, and many other durable materials. 

Encapsulation is key to success 

A crucial, yet challenging factor of hemp oil production is the drying process, which must be designed in such a way as to prevent oxidation. Freeze drying is a highly effective means of preventing oxidation as it enables drying at low temperatures in an inert atmosphere. 

Since it is not possible to dry raw hemp oil, oil droplets must be encapsulated in a carefully developed emulsion. The drying process is then applied to the encapsulated droplets.  

This micro-encapsulation process involves: 

  1. Preparing a stable emulsion, which contains suitable emulsifiers together with stabilisers, water and oil. Mixing these components requires low temperatures to avoid thermal damage to the oil 
  2. Homogenisation 
  3. Freezing of the emulsion where a freezing rate should be considered 
  4. Actual freeze-drying of the frozen emulsion 

From emulsion development to dried hemp powder production

Our food processing and food science specialists can help you design an end-to-end, efficient production line that incorporates all the necessary processes to obtain a final product with excellent oxidation stability and long shelf life.  

We advise you on how to choose the appropriate emulsifiers, stabilisers and antioxidants for your process. And, we work with you to determine the optimal processing conditions, including homogenization temperature, freezing temperature and freezing rates, final texture of the powder, and storage conditions.  

With our state-of-the-art freeze dryers and mixers backed by our professional know-how, you can be sure to create a process that delivers your goals.  

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