Molochny Kombinat

“As per our experience, SiccaDania always managed to run the projects without delays, maintaining the highest standards of quality; we consider them an important and desired partner to deal with henceforward.”

Complete lactose production line

Company: Molochny Kombinat “Stavropolsky (MKS)

Location: Stavropol, Russia

Year: 2018

Application: Lactose

Technology: Spray dryers

Molochny Kombinat “Stavropolsky” (MKS) is one of the largest dairy enterprises in Southern Russia. In recent years, MKS has prioritised import-substituting products (low-lactose dairy products, lactose etc). Their portfolio includes more than 500 products including drinking milk, cream, kefir, yoghurt, sour cream and cheeses etc. But to stay on top of demand, optimisation and innovation are key.

Sergei Anisimov is the General Director at MKS. “We produce a wide range of high-quality products using modern effective equipment”

With the new products, there was a need for high-quality equipment to continue the innovation and development.

Innovating with new equipment

With an increased demand for lactose-free products in the Russian market, MKS faced several challenges by not having product equipment to meet these demands. This led them on a new journey towards finding a solution fit for their needs and ultimately to SiccaDania.

“Quality of materials and metal work, smart design, and the degree of automation suggest that the erected lactose production site is in keeping with the ‘state-of-the-art’ definition.” – Sergei Anisimov – General Director, Molochny Kombinat “Stavropolsky

Tailor-made solutions, expertise, flexibility and efficiency are crucial for Molochny Kombinat “Stavropolsky” (MKS) in Stavropol, Russia when choosing a supplier to optimise their dairy production.

Together with Sergei Anisimov, the team at MKS and the SiccaDania experts, the best solutions for their product were found. Drawing on years of experience with dairy processing equipment, SiccaDania experts tailor-made a complete 5000 kg/h lactose production line.

For this company, we delivered:

5000 kg/h lactose production line 

  • Crystallisation 
  • Separation 
  • Drying 
  • Packaging 
  • Central CIP plant 
  • Automation for the entire plant

A sustainable solution for the future

The key focus for Molochny Kombinat “Stavropolsky” is to lead the innovation in the Russian market. Installing a complete lactose plant at the Stavropol factory has allowed MKS to create a production of lactose compliant with the requirements for edible lactose.

“To date, we find both operation of the plant and the quality of the final product remarkable.” – Sergei Anisimov – General Director, Molochny Kombinat “Stavropolsky