Molochny Kombinat

“We are now at the front regarding WPC and lactose powder in Russia.”

Full ultilisation

Company: Molochny Kombinat “Stavropolsky (MKS)

Location: Stavropol, Russia

Year: 2018

Application: Lactose, NF concentration and partial demineralization of Acid Whey, Sweet Whey and UF Permeates. UF protein concentration of Sweet Whey and Acid Whey for processing different WPCs (Whey Protein Concentrate).

Technology: Nanofiltration, Ultrafiltration

With an ever-growing product range and market, Molochny Kombinat “Stavropolsky” (MKS) always looks into improving its processes in the most efficient way possible. Sergei Anisimov, the General Director at Molochny Kombinat “Stavropolsky” states that at MKS there is a strong focus on producing their wide range of products on modern and effective equipment.

MKS’ portfolio includes more than 500 products including drinking milk, cream, kefir, yoghurt, sour cream and cheeses etc. But to stay on top of demand, optimisation and innovation are key.

Entering a new market

MKS saw a potential market within dairy that they at the moment could not enter: lactose processing.

The lactose market in Russia was dominated by imports from foreign suppliers. No local Russian companies had the technology or know-how to extract lactose from whey effectively and efficiently.

This made MKS look for ways of optimising their production both regarding their existing products and their new focus – import-substituting products such as cream cheese (Philadelphia), Skyr and kefir. This led to a meeting with SiccaDania and SiccaDania Filtration. SiccaDania had already provided a lactose production plant.

Our cooperation with highly skilled local partners with in-depth knowledge of the specific customer site for supervision and partly commissioning really completes a truly unique value proposition. The aftersales service both locally and remotely is second to none” says Lars Bo Fredsted, Managing director, SD Filtration.

For this company, we delivered:

  • Nanofiltration plant for concentration and partial demineralization of Sweet Whey, Acid Whey and UF Permeate
  • Ultrafiltration plant for protein concentration from Sweet Whey and Acid whey.
  • Re-use and integration of the existing CIP dosing unit for both plants
  • Uniform and logical HMI interface
  • “Plug & Produce” application software

The update to the software facilitates fast service support from the SiccaDania Filtration team, thereby making the cooperation closer and more effective.