Källbergs Industri AB

The short turn-over time, coupled with a now heat-efficient dryer, creates the best conditions for Källberg to continue its innovation and ensure high food safety for years to come.

Improving the output

Company: Källbergs Industri AB

Location: Sweden, Töreboda

Year: 2021

Application: Aftermarket,

Technology: Plant modification and optimisation, services, spray dryer

As a food company that has existed for more than 75 years, Källbergs has a long history of innovation and high food safety. Källbergs has a wide experience with drying products, mainly eggs, but also fat, whey and fruit powder.

Our project partner at Källberg conveyed to us the principles of the company “When it comes to product development and innovation, we are at the forefront and when it comes to processed egg powder products, we strive to be one of the leading companies in the world.”

Upgrading for better production

One year ago, production was handled on a 35-year-old dryer. This presented a long list of challenges, not least of which was the difficulty of inspecting the chamber and the large amount of energy required to run the plant.

“Renewing the cone was necessary and had been a part of Källbergs planning for several years.”

– Maintenance Manager, Yngve Larsson

Choosing the right supplier had been underway for some time, leading them on the path of either renewal or refurbishment. Choosing the latter, led ultimately to the Aftermarket Team at SiccaDania.

Working out of our offices in Germany, the SiccaDania Aftermarket team has in-depth knowledge and vast experience within the process industry, providing Källbergs with the required know-how to execute the refurbishment or equipment re-vamping, thus improving the output or capacity.

About Källberg

Källbergs Industri AB is a global food company located in Töreboda, Sweden, offering superb egg products since 1945. Everything is handled under the same roof. This makes Källbergs unique. No unnecessary transportation; no expensive intermediaries; always-traceable raw materials.

It is owned by DANÆG and DLG Group.