“We bought a solution instead of a product for our starch production. SiccaDania came with knowledge and know-how of both equipment and integration into our process”

Rebuilds for capacity increase

Company: Royal Avebe

Location: The Netherlands

Year: 2020

Application: Modified starch

Technology: Vacuum filter, flash dryer, multi cyclones, service, plant modification and optimisation

“We want to achieve optimum returns for our growers; not just today, but also tomorrow and in the distant future.” 

– Royal Avebe

To become more sustainable and create innovative products, there was a need to upgrade the equipment. The old equipment functioned well for 30 years but had high energy consumption and limited capacity.

With legislation always in the works both nationally and globally regarding the reduction of production’s impact on the environment, it was a requirement from Avebe not to exceed the emission permit requirements set by governments and thereby also to reduce their air emissions.

To continue production, old equipment had to be updated to meet the new emission and power consumption requirements.

How did Avebe choose a supplier?

Avebe was looking for a provider with well-proven technology within powder separation and drying. Besides being well-known, the government in The Netherlands has stipulated that when new technology is installed, it must be the best technology available regarding energy consumption and emission reduction.

“We do not have all the knowledge about the technical equipment, but we do have the application knowledge. We, therefore, need a supplier of the complete solution with integration and not just the standalone equipment.” 

– Rick Harms, Sr Project Manager & Account manager

Avebe had previously cooperated with VTK, now a part of the SiccaDania Group. With positive references, decades of experience within starch processing and a competitive price, Avebe and SiccaDania could begin creating the best solution for Avebe’s starch factory.

“SiccaDania is known for good knowledge of dryers for the starch and protein industry. We already had a good supplier partnership with SiccaDania VTK.”

– Rick Harms, Sr Project Manager & Account manager

Entering into a partnership

“Together we have done a beautiful project.”

– Rick Harms

This project was more than just providing equipment and being a supplier.

Combining engineering expertise, process knowledge, and optimisation ingenuity with the application knowledge of Avebe made it possible to create a more effective and energy-efficient process.

With the need to replace old equipment, Avebe looked for a knowledgeable partner who was able to improve a process through modifications, rebuilds and replacements where necessary.

“SiccaDania has become more than a supplier. They have become a partner for us.”

– Rick Harms, Sr Project Manager & Account manager

The design and installation phase were not without issues, but by working closely with Avebe and both the SiccaDania and Avebe on-site team, these issues were solved quickly and effectively to provide Avebe with a plant they can be proud of.

“We were impressed with SiccaDania’s ability and strength to solve the technical issues very quickly. If they or we found the equipment to have the possibility of performing even better, the SiccaDania team on-site would either replace the equipment or rebuild it on site.”

– Rick Harms, Sr Project Manager & Account manager

About Royal Avebe

Avebe is a cooperative of starch-potato growers focused on the market. Traditionally focused on extracting starch from potatoes, new developments within processes and equipment can also extract food-grade proteins from potatoes.