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With our state-of-the-art processing technology and industry-leading know-how, you can achieve efficient, sustainable and profitable rapeseed processing operations.

Extracting with perfection

Rapeseed is rich in oil and proteinsoffering a good alternative to conventional protein crops, such as soy and pea.

Optimal oil processing, securing minimal deterioration of labile components, results in an oil-depleted rapeseed meal that with proper processing can be converted into protein and fibre products for the food market. When stored properly, sensitivity to deterioration is minimal, which means it can be processed long after harvesting. 

An almost optimal amino acid composition in combination with a low content of common allergens makes rapeseed a valuable source of proteins and fibres suitable as food ingredients.

Rapeseed processing

After oil extraction, protein and fibres are separated in a liquid process involving mild processing, protein and fibre isolation and gentle drying.

We offer an optimised process design including gentle wet fractionation of the meal/pressed cake followed by product drying.

Our unique design secures high product quality and optimised water and energy recovery.

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