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Crossflow membrane filtration technologies provide so many possibilities and benefits today. Our team of experts will help guide you through all the options and select the most suitable for your requirements.

Crossflow membrane filtration for the dairy and food industries

Crossflow membrane filtration technologies provide so many possibilities and options today – and selecting the correct and most optimal solutions for any given application can be a challenging process. From white cheese, fresh fermented products like Skyr, Greek yoghurt and Cream Cheeses, Lactose reduced products to the concentration of milk and plant-based proteins, solids and nutrients, membrane filtration allows for a wide range of processes.

For some products, membrane filtration is the only viable solution for achieving feasible results. Our team of experts will help you sift through all the options and choose the one best suited for your needs. All plants are designed according to the customer specification, whether that be for large continuous operations, low process volumes, viscous products or batch operation.

SiccaDania Filtration’s team has collectively more than 200+ years of experience designing and commissioning crossflow membrane filtration systems around the world.

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SiccaDania Filtration continuously improves designs and concepts, creating better and more efficient processes for membrane filtration.

The more than 200+ years of experience have given our team a unique insight into ways of improving membrane filtration. The newest addition is LeanFlux®. LeanFlux® is a unique and simple system design for Spiral Wound Crossflow Membrane Filtration using segmented modules.

LeanFlux® is the optimal solution for protein concentration and fractionation.

Learn more about LeanFlux®.

The history of crossflow membrane filtration

The history of crossflow membrane filtration

Customised standard solutions

Plug & produce

SiccaDania Filtration’s customised standard solutions approach allows for a unique, yet standardised design.

All filtration plants are “Plug & Produce”, easy to maintain, operate and adapt to future requirements.

The membrane filtration plants are all designed to be:

  • Easy to operate
  • Low energy consumption
  • Less waste
  • Low noise emission
  • Easy extension
  • Short delivery time

SiccaDania standard application software

SiccaDania Filtration has developed intuitive and functional application software. With proven software, start-up and commissioning will be trouble-free.

The application software enables:

  • Repeatability and security
  • Fast return on investment
  • Higher productivity and consistency
  • Effective service

Experts will be able to access the plant online for fast troubleshooting and upgrades.

In case the customer does require customised control solutions, SiccaDania can also deliver the necessary high standard FDS (functional descriptions) including the required FAT/SAT and subsequent commissioning.

Service and support

Replacement membranes & spare parts

SiccaDania Filtration provides membrane replacement as well as spare parts for all installed filtration plants. Please feel free to contact us directly with your replacement requirements. SiccaDania Filtration offers replacement membranes and spare parts at attractive prices and delivery terms.

Our membrane solutions

Upgrades, adoption, troubleshooting, optimisation & consultancy

If your requirements involve upgrading, further optimisation, solving present issues and/or expansion of an existing filtration plant, SD Filtration is a strong partner you can depend on. Based on SD Filtration’s in-depth knowledge and long experience within dairy membrane filtration, they can support you with a full range of competencies to investigate, analyse, re-design, automate as well as deliver and commission optimal solutions. SD Filtration also extends its service and support philosophy with intelligent “adoption” of existing membrane plants through simple implementation of their standard application software.

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The basics on filtration technology

The filtration process is used to separate dissolved and dispersed components of different molecular sizes from a liquid.

By changing the size of the membrane filtration pores, it is possible to create the desired product capabilities by extracting the exact components, you wish.

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Innovative concepts

LeanFlush – Optimising cleaning

LeanFlush is a special design optimising detergent usage/efficiency and time during cleaning. The special feature is handled by adding special software to our standard application software. It can be retrofitted to plants supplied or adopted by SiccaDania Filtration. Please ask for more information and options for you to apply and benefit from LeanFlush.

LeanFlow – Optimising energy consumption

LeanFlow is a special design optimising energy consumption during start-up and production on high-pressure plants (NF & RO). The special feature is handled by adding special software to our standard application software. It can be retrofitted to plants supplied or adopted by SiccaDania Filtration. Please ask for more information and options for you to apply and benefit from LeanFlow.

Membrane filtration for the dairy industry

SiccaDania Filtration is not a membrane manufacturer, however, we apply knowledge, science and practical experience to the individual applications and requirements in question. This ensures that customers benefit and reduce their risk, through our careful selection of the correct membrane for any given application.

Our ambition is to continuously share the knowledge and benefits of membrane filtration for dairy applications. For this purpose, we have developed the filtration application overview for your perusal.

Download the SiccaDania Filtration™ Dairy Map

The Dairy Map helps provide an overview of the applications of membrane filtration in the dairy industry. Here it is possible to find the applications and the corresponding technology.

Some applications:

  • Lactose-reduced skim milk
  • Milk protein Concentration
  • Fresh Cheese
  • White Cheese
  • Whey concentrate
  • Native Whey Protein Isolate
  • Permeate Concentrate
  • Clarified Cheese Brine
  • Polished “Water”

Membrane filtration for the food industry


  • Fat & protein removal (UF & Dia-Filtration)
  • Monosaccharide purification / upgrading to DE >98% (NF)
  • Sugar decolourization/colour removal from sugar (UF)
  • Resin regeneration (UF/NF/RO)
  • Effluent concentration and the recovery of sugar and water (UF, NF, RO)
  • Production of high-fructose corn syrup (UF)
  • The concentration of sweeteners (NF/RO)
  • Fractionation of hydrolyzed starch –Molecular weight fractionation (maltodextrin purification) Range 3 kD to >100 kD (UF, MF)


  • Concentration before drying –from 0,3% to 3% pectin concentration (UF)

Carrageenan and alginates:

  • Concentration and purification prior to drying (High Temp UF)

Vegetable Proteins:

  • Vegetable Protein concentration & purification (MF/UF/NF/RO)

Single Cell Proteins:

  • Protein concentration & purification (MF/UF)

Viscous products:

  • Temperature/300cps/P&F/Spacer selection/Combi SW_P&F plant configuration

Download the SiccaDania Filtration™ Food Map

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