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SiccaDania provides our customers with the next generation of freeze dryers – from small-scale pilot plants to full-scale freeze-drying factories.

We provide the next generation of energy-efficient freeze dryers

SiccaDania Freeze Drying designs and delivers the latest freeze-drying technology, engineered to fit our customers’ applications. We are capable of supplying equipment for liquid processing, powder handling, bagging-off systems, automation, and other industry-related systems.

Our freeze-drying solutions enable a unique degree of control and scalability, giving our customers flexibility in production size throughout the years. A freeze-drying factory consists of multiple independent units/modules which results in great advantages in regards of:

  • Gradual increase of product on capacity is made possible – one or more units can be added to the system
  • Different products can be dried simultaneously e.g. simple product variation with different coffee blends
  • The arrangement of the units can be tailored to fit the available floor space – the units can be placed in 1 or 2 rows and/or stacked.
  • Maintenance is easy – one unit can be closed for maintenance, while the plant continues at only a minor decrease in capacity
Freeze Dried Berries

Efficient design with modularisation

Our core technology is the freeze dryer and loading/unloading robot systems; however, our knowledge covers the entire process both upstream and downstream including pre-testing. Products from SiccaDania Freeze Drying are designed in accordance with the principle of modularization.

Why freeze dry?

The product

  • If sensitive to elevated temperature
  • If the nutritional value must be retained completely – Function, texture and nutrients are maintained perfectly.
    The levels of vitamins, antioxidants and minerals are intact as well as the colour and flavour. No oxygen is allowed to be present in the process – Freeze-drying often results in the highest-end product value!
  • Re-hydration capabilities and texture is superior
  • The entire process until dried keeps the product in a state of suspended animation until re-hydrated

Production setup

  • The factory setup is simple
  • The process is robust
  • The process can be used for multiple products
  • The process is 100% scalable and prepared for incremental scale-up
  • Equipment can be used for food, nutraceutical or pharmaceuticals
  • No operators are required as the process can be automated by robots – the production environment can be controlled in small process cells environments
  • The maintenance costs are low
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Trustworthy partnership

At SiccaDania, we have one of the most experienced teams in the industry. Our team has acquired extensive technical know-how, from years of work experience in the sanitary equipment industry. The team have been working with well-known providers of freeze-drying technology. That guarantees that your project will meet your expectations both in quality and on-time delivery of the project. By putting technology and engineering excellence as the top priority, we are confident that the customers’ trust will be secured through on-time and on-budget delivery of equipment meeting the required quality specifications.

We guarantee you fast response time, reliable guidance, and easy access to any spare parts you may need down the line. We provide you with maintenance, repairs, and purchase of spare parts, allowing us to maintain a long-term relationship with our customers and continuously develop our solutions.

Getting your production up and running fast after unexpected stops is our promise.


Are you uncertain about what freeze dryer you should choose? SiccaDania provides pre-production capabilities from our Innovation Centre in Denmark. This offers you the unique opportunity to test your application on our freeze dryers beforehand.

Read more about our testing capabilities at our Innovation Centre.


At SiccaDania, we have an ongoing dialogue with our customers, and have therefore gathered the questions that are most often asked here:
  • What is the loading capacity of the freeze dryers?

    The FD30 has an active freeze-drying area of 1 m². Depending on the bulk density of the product, you can load anywhere from 500g to 30kg of wet product into the FD30.

    The FD500 has an active freeze-drying area of 27 m². Depending on the bulk density of the product, you can load anywhere from 50kg to 1.100kg of wet product into the FD500.

  • What is the sublimation rate of the freeze dryers?

    The FD30 has a sublimation rate of a max of 1.6 litres per hour.

    The FD500 has a sublimation rate of a max of 80 litres per hour.

  • What is the condenser capacity of the freeze dryers?

    The condenser on the FD30 has a capacity of 30kg of ice.

    The condenser on the FD500 has a capacity of +750kg of ice.

  • How many trays are in the freeze dryers?

    The FD30 uses a total of 8 trays.

    The FD500 uses a total of 48 trays.

  • What type of heat transfer is used in the freeze dryers?

    The FD30 and FD500 can use both radiation and conduction for heat transfer. That all depends on the customers’ wishes.

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