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Freeze drying instant coffee

Freeze drying instant coffee with an SD Freeze Drying FD500 enables a unique degree of control and scalability, giving customers flexibility in production size throughout the years.

Freeze drying instant coffee

Coffee aroma consists of a complex mixture of volatile compounds, whereas non-volatile compounds contribute to flavours such as sourness, bitterness and astringency. A good process brings out great attributes and eliminates negative tastes.

Freeze drying leads to the best product quality in relation to aroma recovery. There are high expectations among consumers of instant coffee – the taste, colour, density and solubility must meet the demands of the market. With freeze dryers from SiccaDania Freeze Drying, the final product will exceed the customers’ expectations through intelligent engineering and expertise.

The freeze-drying factory from SiccaDania Freeze Drying enables a unique degree of control and scalability, giving customers flexibility in production size throughout the years. The entire instant coffee factory consists of multiple independent units/modules which result in great advantages in regard to:

  • Easily scalable production capacity – one or more units can be added to the system
  • Flexibility in applications – Different products can be dried simultaneously
  • Flexible setup to fit customer’s specifications – the units can be placed in 1 or 2 rows and/or stacked
  • Easy maintenance– one unit can be closed for maintenance, while the plant continues
Freeze Drying Instant Coffee Factory

Engineering excellence

Our customers’ upstream equipment will deliver prepared extract to the preparation equipment. Here the process begins.

By using the Scrape Surface Heat Exchanger (SSHE), the extract is pre-cooled and foamed, adjusting the bulk density and colour of the product. Hereafter the product is automatically dispensed onto a belt with individual blaster zones. The extract is frozen by means of high velocity the cold air is blasted onto the product which ensures a rapid and uniform heat transfer.

The process

The frozen extract slabs are granulated and sieved to the perfect and desired product size. For optimum utilisation of the feed product, the fines are returned to the re-melt process.

The tray filling and emptying modules are fully automated and feature robotic handling. As no operator handling is required, the risk of cross-contamination and heating of the product is eliminated. The modules are designed with large glass surfaces enabling the operators to follow the process.

The granules are filled in trays automatically. When filled, the trays are picked up by the automatic loading/unloading robot system (The Clean-Factory-System) which places the trays in an empty freeze dryer chamber.

The Clean-Factory-System (CFS) is a battery-driven AGV (Autonomous Guided Vehicle) that transports the trays with product media to and from the freeze dryers, thereby ensuring a micro-controlled environment. The CFS is equipped with a docking system ensuring hygienic docking to the freeze dryers, the filling and the emptying modules.

While the loading of the freeze-drying chamber takes place, the condenser chamber is isolated, and the cooling coils within it are de-iced. When the chamber is full, the door closes, the gate to the condenser chamber opens and the freeze-drying is commenced.

The unique freeze dryer (FD500) protects the qualities obtained during the process, and a high-grade soluble coffee is produced. The FD500 freeze dryers are of a hygienic design and are fully CIP-able. As a standard feature, the operators have 100% batch control of all coffee batches.

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