Membrane Filtration


SD PreVap - a unique combination of membrane filtration and evaporation to reduce OPEX and CAPEX for our customers.
PreVap - High Pressure RO
Evaporator - MVR

SiccaDania and SiccaDania Filtration have combined their focus and extensive expertise into the SD PreVap® concept; our commitment is to supply customers with the right solution and combination for any given task.

SiccaDania PreVap® is the latest development combining Evaporation and Cross Flow Membrane Filtration to support customer requirements for cost-efficient water removal.

The teams in SiccaDania work closely also with our Aftermarket departments to ensure we provide the optimal solutions to customer requirements, taking CAPEX, OPEX and general project specifics into consideration.

MVR evaporators, as well as RO/RO 100 solutions, are all available in the SiccaDania portfolio.

The SiccaDania teams are ready to support you on your specific greenfield application, rebuilding or replacement jobs.

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