SiccaDania receives an order to build a complete lactose production line

Dairy producer Molochny Kombinat “Stavropolsky” (MKS) in Stavropol, Russia, has entrusted SiccaDania to design and build a complete lactose production line.

Leading Caucasus region dairy producer Molochny Kombinat “Stavropolsky” (MKS) in Stavropol, Russia has entrusted SiccaDania to design and build a complete lactose production line. As part of MKS´ continued optimisation in utilising all streams from their dairy production, a complete new lactose production plant is under construction. SiccaDania has been appointed to provide the complete lactose production line including crystallisation, separation, drying, packaging, a central CIP plant and automation for the entire plant.

MKS has selected SiccaDania due to the company’s significant in-house process expertise within the many lactose production aspects as well as the capability of being flexible and offering tailor-made solutions, which in this case fits perfectly with the requirements of MKS.

SiccaDania is highly experienced in undertaking such complete projects with the integration of complex wet and dry processes, where an extensive interaction between the downstream evaporation/demineralisation plant and the final lactose process and packaging, has been a huge benefit for MKS.

“This order is an important milestone for SiccaDania,” says CEO, Soren Sten Rasmussen “and the company has taken the well-proven lactose production process that has been utilized for many years, and have optimised as well as fine-tuned the process within several areas. Such developments add not only value to our customers but also reliability, flexibility and ease of the entire operation.”

The plant will be put into operation in August 2018.

Molochny kombinat “Stavropolsky” (MKS)

MKS is one of the largest producers of dairy products in the southern part of Russia and the largest in the Stavropol region. The company was established in 1928. The plant produces a wide range of traditional dairy products including milk, cream, kefir, cheese, butter, ice cream, etc. as well as low-fat products.