SiccaDania acquires ACO

SiccaDania announces a 100% acquisition of ACO-Service and ACO-Engineering activities. An important milestone in the development of being a leading supplier of process equipment solutions.

Soren Rasmussen, SiccaDania President: “This acquisition is a very important milestone in the development of SiccaDania as a leading supplier of process equipment solutions to the global Food & Dairy Industries.

Through this acquisition, SiccaDania gains control over important value chain elements such as manufacturing and installation of the solutions supplied to our customers. Many solution providers do not have the in-house capability to provide manufacturing and installation services. We consider this to be a major gap, which leads to compromises in the quality of the final product.

With more than 2000 spray dryer installations worldwide for leading suppliers such as GEA, ACO is the most experienced company in the world in its field. By bringing SiccaDania and ACO together, our engineers, fabricators and installation specialists will be able to work with clients from the design stage through to fabrication and installation so they can provide high-quality products at more competitive prices. The SiccaDania organisation now employs over 300 people entirely dedicated to our range of products, positioning us as a world leader in the dryer and evaporator industry.

With the expertise gained through ACO, SiccaDania has now established an After-Market Division – a separate group focused on the rebuilding and optimisation of existing dryers, evaporators and other food processing equipment. This division is led by René Hansen, former owner of ACO. The entire ACO management team continues with SiccaDania and they will all play important roles in the continued development of SiccaDania.”


About ACO

ACO was established in 1978 in Odense, Denmark. ACO later moved to its existing headquarters in Kolding, and in 2014 it established ACO in Poland.  This setup allows ACO to reduce manufacturing costs for customers without compromising on product quality. The company has more than 150 people working in workshop fabrication and they are specialists in manufacturing components for spray dryers, Zeta Dryers, fluid beds, ducts, air intake systems, tubular evaporators, and many other engineered stainless steel thin plate constructions. The company also employs approx. 75 installation specialists focused on large process plants around the world. With an impressive setup of fully-equipped installation containers, ACO is able to undertake complete turnkey installations of very large projects. ACO also has the capability to respond to critical repairs immediately, cutting down on shutdown times if, for example, there are major unforeseen repairs needed in a plant.