Reportage of SiccaDania - Birkeroed company turns milk into valuable powder

Just before Christmas, the Municipality of Rudersdal, in which Birkeroed is located, had their Business Committee make a reportage of SiccaDania.

Birkeroed company turns milk into valuable powder

The Birkeroed company SiccaDania has worldwide success in transforming liquid milk into valuable powder. The company was awarded Børsens Gazelle Award 2020. In relation to this award, the Rudersdal business committee went on a virtual visit.

SiccaDania is an expert in making equipment for processing and especially drying dairy, food and feed. Sicca means ‘to dry’ in Latin, and Dania refers to Denmark. The company engineers solutions for dairy, food, starch and other products which can be dried.

To break it down, the company extracts all ingredients from raw materials and food products. For example, potatoes are converted into potato starch, fibre and proteins. The excess process water is then further treated to extract the remaining fibres and proteins, and the water can then be reused in the process.

Transformed into valuable powder

Milk is transformed into a valuable powder that can be stored and used in food production worldwide. Thus, SiccaDania has established a global value chain with a strong focus on circular economy and innovation – all while contributing to a more sustainable food production process.

In addition, SiccaDania has established an innovation centre that offers pilot-scale testing facilities for the benefit of its large global customer base.

A good business to be sustainable

The Business Committee was particularly interested in SiccaDania’s contribution to the sustainable, green transition, which is a strong focus for the Municipality of Rudersdal. Also, the committee was very enthusiastic about the company’s ability to create growth and jobs in the municipality.

SiccaDania must also be mentioned as a company in rapid growth. Since its establishment in 2015, the number of employees has grown from 10 to over 400 in nine countries – one of the reasons, SiccaDania has awarded Børsens Gazelle 2020.

Chairman of the Business Committee in the Municipality of Rudersdal Randi Mondorf says:

– This Birkeroed company is one of the most exciting companies that we follow closely. Not only do they experience great growth and thus create jobs, but they are also a pioneering image of the sustainable line, which we are very focused on in the municipality.

Director of SiccaDania Henrik Simonsen supplements:

– The collaboration between the Municipality of Rudersdal and SiccaDania has been positive in many ways, and as a company, SiccaDania greatly appreciates the municipality’s active approach to the companies’ activity levels and operations in general. The municipality has also been helpful with solutions to various problems, and we have benefited greatly from this, says Henrik Simonsen.

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