Introducing the next multi stage dryer in our Small Scale Dryer serial - SD1600 MS

Multi stage configuration enables production of dust-free agglomerated particles.

SiccaDania introduces a new Small Scale Spray Dryer, type SD1600 Multi Stage. This versatile spray dryer is introduced in response to a growing demand for small scale spray dryers able to provide reproducible spray drying results for small scale production. The SD1600 MS design consists of a basic plant, which is a fully functional “plug-and-play” plant. Further flexibility can be added in the form of multiple optional items, enabling the user to tailor the plant to individual needs. The SD1600 MS features:

  • Complete spray dryer with feed tank, balance tank, feed pump, feed line, atomizer, air inlet filter, fan system, steam heater, drying chamber, rupture disk, cyclone for powder separation, Blow-through valve under cyclone, air ducts, suction fan, pressure fan for secondary air, electrical air heater, internal fluid bed, powder container, blower for fines return system, fire extinguishing system, support structure and control panel with PLC and soft-touch screen
  • Up to approx. 59 kg/h water evaporative capacity
  • All materials in contact with product made of stainless steel
  • Sanitary design and easy to clean
  • Safe design with different alternative safety measures against risk of a powder explosion
  • CE-marking
  • Multiple optional equipment solutions enabling maximum flexibility

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