Introducing a new Small Scale Dryer - SD900

The Small Scale Spray Dryer, type SD900, has been designed for drying of liquid products into powders.

SiccaDania introduces a new Small Scale Spray Dryer, type SD900. This versatile spray dryer is introduced in response to a growing demand for small scale spray dryers able to provide reproducible spray drying results for R&D as well as small scale production. The SD900 design consists of a basic plant, which is a fully functional “plug-and-play” plant. Further flexibility can be added in the form of multiple optional items, enabling the user to tailor the plant to individual needs. The SD900 features:

  • Complete spray dryer with feed tank, feed pump, atomizer, electrical air heater, fan system, drying chamber, rupture disk, cyclone for powder separation, and control panel with PLC and soft-touch screen
  • Up to approx. 12 kg/h water evaporative capacity
  • All materials in contact with product made of stainless steel
  • Sanitary design and easy to clean
  • Safe design with different alternative safety measures against risk of a powder explosion
  • CE-marking
  • Multiple optional equipment solutions enabling maximum flexibility

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