Engineering skills and thoroughness – article from Moproweb

"Molkerei-industrie" went on a visit to SiccaDania Germany in Flensburg. Thomas Hansen, head of SD Germany, and sales manager Nicholas Towers at SiccaDania are now ready to realise larger projects in Germany with engineering and supply of complete plants.

Published: 24th of June 2022

A visit to SiccaDania 

Since its foundation six years ago, SiccaDania has already completed more than 20 very large and many medium and small projects. SiccaDania is a combination of experienced people from the industry who have come together to work out solutions for various areas without corporate hindrances. And now they are ready to take on the market in Germany.  Molkerei-industrie went on a visit to SiccaDania Germany in Flensburg. 

SiccaDania has 12 branches worldwide, two of which are in Germany, namely in Flensburg and in Essen, the latter location specialises in CIP-able bag filter systems. Up to now, the nineteen German employees have mainly concentrated on the so-called “aftermarket” business. This includes in-house modernisation and rebuilding or expansion of existing plants within the drying industry. Now, our team in Germany can handle larger projects involving the engineering and supply of complete plants. 


Large portfolio 

“We bring together Danish engineering skills with German thoroughness,” explains Thomas Hansen, head of SiccaDania Germany. Based on its own manufacturing in Poland, SiccaDania can supply a considerable portfolio of plants and machinery ranging from evaporators, internal & external fluid beds, belt dryers and drying towers to membrane filtration plants, high-shear mixers, UHT plants, cyclones and bag filters. SiccaDania also specializes in small-scale plants for laboratories and small batch production of high-value products such as lactoferrin and flavours. In cyclone technology, the company has achieved particular success. Design improvements in flow control have been achieved that allow separation efficiencies of up to 99%, which were previously not possible. The ROI for these cyclone separators is less than one year, according to sales manager Nicholas Towers, due to the high product recovery. 


Experience and practice 

The fact that SiccaDania’s staff has years of hands-on experience and customer contact made it easier to get started. Today, Towers reports, interested dairy processors may well call on SiccaDania for advice. Consulting is a particular strength of the company, Hansen assures. Customers can rely on getting an immediate answer to questions. This goes so far that SiccaDania even offers pre-engineering, in which data for a project tender on behalf of the customer is created, which can then be given to relevant suppliers. Consulting and plant design are also supported by SiccaDania’s own technical centre in Denmark. SiccaDania focuses not only on the dairy industry but also on other food industries, such as the processing of vegetable products such as peas, potatoes, etc. Their ingredients are experiencing a worldwide boom in the wake of the popularity of plant-based foods. “In the processing and drying technology for soybeans, faba beans, rapeseed, peas and potatoes, we are the world’s leading equipment supplier,” assures Hansen.