An expansion towards a sustainable relationship

In 2018, we installed a Zeta Dryer for drying potato proteins at Lyckeby’s site in The Czech Republic. Afterwards, we delivered, installed and commissioned a second process plant for the treatment of the sidestream.

After a successful project completion of SiccaDania’s Zeta drying technology, Lyckeby’s decision to expand further on the effluent side streams from the potato starch production gave us the opportunity to cooperate again. SiccaDania installed last year a  Zeta Dryer for drying potato proteins (also an effluent from potato starch production) at Lyckeby’s site in The Czech Republic. This year SiccaDania has delivered, installed and commissioned a second process plant for treatment of the side stream coming from the upstream processing of the potato starch production.

In a classic starch extraction process, important ingredients in the remaining potato/fruit juice such as proteins and fibres were considered waste.  Throughout the years the factories acknowledged the importance of optimizing this process and extracting all the effluents accordingly. Despite being a great example of a classic starch factory, Lyckeby Amylex has modernized its operations several times and is currently the largest starch producer in The Czech Republic. With the installation of SiccaDania’s Zeta Dryer, Lyckeby is able to dry fibres and protein extracted from the potato juice, however, a further step has now been realized.

Recently our team has finalized the commissioning of SiccaDania’s MVR falling film evaporator, a process for concentrating the potato juice (a leftover from the extraction of fibres and proteins). With the evaporator in place, the remaining juice water can now be concentrated to above 40%. The reduced volume will save the company tremendously on storage and transport costs. In addition, the concentrate’s nutritional value as a fertilizer is superior, with less odour and improved quality.

Finally, the remaining clean water from the evaporation process can be reused again in the factory allowing further cost savings as well as benefiting our environment.

Being the preferred choice within our industry is one of SiccaDania’s main goals, therefore we are happy to see our customers choosing us the second time. We are looking forward to further collaborating with Lyckeby Amylex.

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