Preserving fruit and vegetables

With the future of food at stake, it has become increasingly important to find new ways of preserving fruit and vegetables as well as their nutrients.

Published: 16th of May 2022

Many food producers are looking for new ways to preserve the integrity of their products. We have many customers contacting us looking for an innovative solution for preserving fruits and vegetables.fruit and vegetables

During the processing of fruit, thousands of tonnes of solid and liquid waste are produced daily. Today most of this waste is not being put to use.

This produces major consequences for the environment. The solid waste is disposed of in landfills and adds to the burden already placed on these sites. Liquid waste disposal adds excessive nutrients to the aquatic environment. This causes a nutrient imbalance, overgrowth of algae, loss of oxygen and the death of fish. Secondly, there is an economic loss because people are not exploiting the untapped potential of fruit waste.

With climate change and global warming becoming one of our generations’ biggest concerns we are seeing a global move toward more sustainable and economic solutions. This includes methods of farming, manufacturing and other industrial processes, energy generation and water usage. In line with this, farming and agricultural industry methods and practices are constantly being re-evaluated. This also applies to the preservation of the crops they grow whether it be vegetables or fruits.

Maintaining product characteristics of fruit and vegetables

Freeze drying is the most effective way of protecting nutrients during processing. Other techniques like spray-drying or higher temperature drying often result in complications related to deterioration in product characteristics due to heat. With freeze-drying, it is possible to maintain the original shape of the product, while the quality of the re-hydrated product is excellent. This is possible because of the process. Freeze drying is a low-temperature dehydration process that involves freezing the product, lowering pressure and then removing the ice by sublimation. The product is therefore not exposed to heat, as with original hot air-drying methods.

Freeze drying factory for fruit and vegetablesBy using freeze-drying, (lyophilization), it is possible to store the dried fruits for years, while still maintaining most of the valuable nutrients in the dried product. Therefore, many farmers who are currently discarding a big percentage of their products, due to the product being out of spec, de-formed, bruised etc. are not realising the potential of freeze-drying this “waste” and turning it into highly valuable products.


  • Reduce waste
  • Reduce negative climate impact
  • Increase product value (high-quality products)
  • Maintain nutritional values long after harvesting the products


Find the right freeze-drying solution for your production

FD30 pilot scale freeze dryer



With its small size and but high capacity, the FD30 is perfect for various setups and applications.

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FD500 full scale freeze dryer, moldularised and energy efficient preservation of fruit and vegetables



The FD500 offers high capacity, optimised energy efficiency and is virtually maintenance-free.

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Factory setup for fruit and vegetables

The factory setup from SD Freeze Drying enables a unique degree of control and scalability, giving customers flexibility in production size throughout the years.

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