Reportage of SiccaDania – Birkeroed company turns milk into valuable powder

Birkeroed company turns milk into valuable powder The Birkeroed company SiccaDania has worldwide success in transforming liquid milk into valuable powder. The company was awarded Børsens Gazelle Award 2020. In relation to this award, the Rudersdal business committee went on a virtual visit. SiccaDania is an expert in making equipment for processing and especially drying

Expanding the lactoferrin production


SiccaDania is proud to announce that it is contracted by FrieslandCampina for the delivery of a Spray Dryer for Lactoferrin. Lactoferrin is a key ingredient in early life nutrition and has also shown potential health benefits for adults related to the immune system. A number of scientific studies have shown several potential health benefits of

Leaping Forward With The Gazella Award

The Gazelle At SiccaDania, we are proud, humbled and incredibly happy to be awarded the Børsen Gazelle Award SiccaDania is on roll for several years with positive growth and revenue. We have over the past 5 years grown from 10 people to more than 400 in 8 countries. We are proud to be the winners

Creating a sustainable plant-based protein source

At SiccaDania, we are proud to participate in creating sustainable protein sources. The demand for plant-based proteins and related technology is growing rapidly as consumers have become more healthy and environmentally conscious. This has also led to a rapid increase in the demand for animal-protein alternatives, meat replacements and other non-animal industrial ingredients. A change

Teaching each other

At SiccaDania, we are proud of all our experts and their willingness to share their expertise with all their colleagues. SD Academy was established last year in 2019 as a tool to provide our employees with process knowledge about SiccaDania’s extensive product portfolio. These webinars are held by internal as well as external experts who

Participating in Smart Protein

SiccaDania is part of a ground-breaking new EU project which will develop new alternative proteins. A range of highly innovative new-protein foods made from plants, fungi, by-products, and residues will soon emerge from Smart Protein, a new Horizon 2020 project funded by the European Commission. A primary aim of the project is to help build

Bacteria for plants, plants for living

Written by: Martina Vavrusova Hedegaard, Ph.D.  /  Technologist  /  SD Freeze Drying Plant production includes the food, feed, and fibre industries. Therefore, it represents a significant role in supplying goods for our daily lives. However, plant production is challenged by climate changes, environmental damages, continued population growth, and increasing demand for sustainable production. With no time to waste, the industry needs to find smart, healthy, novel, and sustainable solutions (very fast) to meet

SiccaDania Supplies Equipment To The University of Wisconsin

SiccaDania is proud to announce that we have won the tender to supply a new Small Scale Spray Dryer to the Center for Dairy Research (CDR) at the University of Wisconsin (UW), USA. The spray dryer will be installed at CDR in Babcock Hall and be used by the private dairy industry and the university

Turn-key full hybrid potato and faba protein factory

SiccaDania is very pleased to announce that we have been rewarded an order for the engineering, fabrication and delivery of a turn-key full hybrid potato and faba protein factory. With this project, SiccaDania combines various entities and technologies of the SiccaDania group. The new factory is based on the SiccaDania: One in all Out© concept and

Introducing the new freeze drying factory

Freeze Drying Instant Coffee Factory

We are proud to present the newest freeze-drying technology. Take a tour of our freeze-drying factory and experience the endless opportunities there are with a modularized, plug & play freeze-drying factory. SD Freeze Drying designs and delivers the latest freeze-drying technology, engineered to fit our customers’ applications. Products from SD Freeze Drying are designed in

Being young at SiccaDania

Why investing in young people is crucial for SiccaDania? Our employees are an incremental part of our success and we are intent on keeping our employees at the top of their field with personal development and ambitious goals. The flat organisational structure of SiccaDania combined with an open-minded and diverse team allows our employees to

Daniatech nominated for innovation award

Creating a mixing pump is no easy feat. Therefore, we are immensely proud of our subsidiary Daniatech for being nominated for the Pumps Innovation Award connected to the Pumps & Valves exhibition in Antwerp on the 25 & 26 March 2020. Daniatech is nominated for their innovative Dynamic ShearMaster. The Dynamic ShearMaster is compact and perfectly optimised for

9th Starch World Asia

SiccaDania Group is proud to be participating in this year´s Starch World Asia Conference 2020 in Thailand. This starch world conference will focus on the increasing demand for tapioca starch, recent breakthroughs in novel waxy tapioca starch and the developments within modified corn starch. The event will take place in Bangkok, Thailand from the 11th

Office relocation in Wezep, The Netherlands

To accommodate its growth and development, SiccaDania Wezep moved into new larger premises. The new address is Rondweg 62 8091XK, Wezep. Our new office in Wezep is prepared to meet our customers’ requirements and assist with any request within the design, engineering, installation, commissioning, delivery and service of necessary process technology for your plant. We

The story of coffee: From jumping goats to a precious commodity

Written by: Martina Vavrusova Hedegaard, Ph.D.  /   Technologist  /  SiccaDania The history of coffee in brief The wild Arabica coffee, Coffea arabica, is indigenous to Ethiopia. A wide-spread legend has it that an Ethiopian goatherd called Kaldi noticed that his goats started to jump more energetically after having chewed some red berries (coffee) from a bush.

Re-circulation evaporator for “Potato juice”

SiccaDania has, in close cooperation with the Danish potato industry developed a concept called “One-In-All-Out” with a unique potato evaporator. The One-In-All-Out concept can be applied to the worldwide industry of starch manufacturing. The process is a three-step process: First, the starch is removed. After, the byproduct is processed, and proteins are retained. Finally, the

Freeze drying of hemp

Hemp powder

Written by: Martina Vavrusova Hedegaard, Ph.D.  /  Technologist  /  SD Freeze Drying Cannabis sativa L. is a non-drug variety known as hemp. It is one of the oldest cultivated crops, which has provided food, oil, fibre, and even medicine for many centuries. Carl Linnaeus was assigned its name in 1753. The words ´´canvas´´ and ´´cannabis´´ derive from similar-sounding words in Greek, Latin, and

SiccaDania acquires the assets of Van Tongeren-Kennemer B.V.

SiccaDania Group is pleased to announce that it has taken over the activities of Van Tongeren-Kennemer B.V (VTK) as of today. “The acquisition of VTK is an excellent step for the SiccaDania Group to continue its path towards a market-leading position in the global starch and protein industry’’ says SiccaDania’s CEO Soren Rasmussen. This acquisition