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Instant Coffee

The manufacturing process of instant coffee continues to evolve and diversify. SiccaDania offers equipment and services for manufacturing instant coffee based on your local requirements.

A growing demand for instant coffee

Coffee has been a people’s favourite for centuries, and when instant coffee made its entrance to society in the early 1900s, the popular drink became even more accessible. Today, even with an increasingly diversified range of coffee products both within and outside the home, instant coffee still grows in popularity.  

Today’s instant coffee products need to meet the demands of consumers who value an authentic, fresh coffee experience balanced by the desire for unique flavours and a fast cup of coffee.  

Opportunities for instant coffee premiumisation 

Manufacturers need to produce instant coffee with several different market factors in mind. For example, as consumer preferences around the world differ, they need the ability to design flavours specifically for local markets.  

With premiumisation opening up new opportunities, manufacturers are looking to produce fortified coffee products with functional ingredients. Instant coffee can be part of a keto diet, for example, or it can be positioned as a natural energy drink or even fortified with protein. 

Plan and optimise instant coffee production

To keep pace with the demand for different instant coffee products – which continue to evolve and diversify – the manufacturing process must allow for a wide variety of production requirements. 

At SiccaDania, we can help you plan and optimise your production of instant coffee. 

  • At our modern equipment manufacturing facilities, we manufacture specialised equipment for evaporating and drying the coffee extract to produce granules or powder
  • Our tubular falling film evaporators are highly suited to evaporate coffee extractTurning extract into powders, we apply different spray dryer designs, depending on the end-product powder properties you need
  • Partnering with other leading equipment manufacturers, we supply complete instant coffee process lines, including roasting, extraction, concentration and drying
  • We design and manufacture the latest freeze-dryers to further maximise your factory’s long-term efficiency

Learn more about Freeze Drying.

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Did you know? A brief history of an ancient beverage

The exact origins of coffee are not known; however, many believe the beloved beans were found in Ethiopia by a goat herder named Kaldi. Raw coffee appears as a cherry-like fruit which becomes red when ripen. Coffee beans can be found at the centre of the red fruit. 

 Coffee, the black beverage packed with aromas, has been consumed for over 1000 years. For many of us, it has become an integral part of our lives. Whether it’s a cup brewed at home or an iced latte grabbed on the go, the average coffee drinker has 3 cups per day.  

 The conventional forms of coffee, like coffee pods and capsules and RTD coffee, are becoming popular among the masses (especially in North America and Western Europe) to prepare good coffee in the comfort of home, in less time.  

 Factors such as increasing out-of-home coffee consuming population, increasing instant coffee preference, growing demand for speciality coffee, and increasing green coffee consumption in emerging economies are expected to drive the market.  

 Convenience in food habits in general and coffee consumption, in particular, is gravitating consumers towards instant coffee. The versatility of the product to different consumer tastes and preferences as well as because of its adaptability to be distributed through a wide range of distribution channels to aid in-home consumption has been supporting this market growth.