Employee interview

Meet Rick Delamont. Employed with SiccaDania Canada since July 2021 as Technical Designer. Rick was one of the first employees in our, then newly started, Canadian office.

Your role at SiccaDania

Rick came from the oil and gas industry with expertise in piping design. The skill set he acquired working in this industry is highly transferrable to the food and dairy industry.

“I chose to crossover to the food processing industry because I wanted something fresh, new and more secure. Also, it is rewarding to be a part of an industry that promotes dietary health.” – Rick

Rick’s role at SiccaDania includes plant layouts for both sales and design phases. He uses the company standard software of Autodesk Inventor to produce these layouts.
Daily, Rick connects his computer to the SiccaDania VDI which essentially means he is actually working remotely on a computer that sits in the Birkeroed office. This makes it easier to ensure the safety of data and computer integrity. Usually, Rick works on layouts with meetings every couple of days. Some of the projects Rick works on involve the protein powder processing industry. This industry is s a fast-growing market in Alberta, Canada. One of his current projects is shared with the SiccaDania team in China.

“I have learned a lot about the SiccaDania way and how the processes work which excites me.” – Rick

Rick is the only designer currently employed locally in our Canadian office which makes him invaluable in a cross-border, large project. His goal is to gain all the knowledge needed to grow and strengthen the layout design department in Canada.

Being a SiccaDanian

“One major highlight of my time at SiccaDania was my month-long trip to the Denmark Birkeroed office. There I received some training and built some valuable business relationships. Danish and SiccaDania office culture is wonderful! I got to be a part of a postponed (due to Covid) Christmas party last February which was amazing!” – Rick

Being a SiccaDanian is also about more than work. Besides being challenged and excited about work and coming to work, colleagues and free time are equally important.
A typical day for Rick consists of a 20 min commute to the office near downtown Calgary, then he takes time to greet coworkers. Creating a balance between work and healthy office culture is important, which is why SiccaDania gives space to people’s interests. For Rick, a great benefit has been bringing his dog to work.

“Twice a week I bring my dog, Napoleon, to work. He is a 3-year-old Bernese Mountain dog that is friendly with everyone. Mostly he lies down but will periodically make his rounds to people for a little attention.”

All SiccaDanians are unique but we all work towards the common goal of creating the best solutions for the customer. Besides being a SiccaDanian, Rick is a huge movie buff and has picked up a side hobby of being a background extra in locally filmed productions. Lately, he has played a small part in shows such as The Last of Us and Fargo season 5.