Employee interview

Meet our Project Engineer and Lead CAD engineer from SiccaDania Filtration – Jonas Lindstorff. Jonas has been a part of SiccaDania Filtration since the summer of 2018. He has experienced a lot in these years. Get to know Jonas and his professional and personal development.

Your role at SiccaDania Filtration:

Jonas came from a company that produces thermal systems for heating and cooling. This was a very different industry than the one he entered when joining the SiccaDania Filtration (SDF) team. SDF focuses on equipment for the dairy and food industry which means traceability and cleanability.

Jonas’ main tasks during his years have been to design filtration plants and feed systems. He has designed a variety of filtration plants from small pilot units to big industrial-size plants that will be running with plant proteins or dairy products. In his role, he is also creating and maintains CAD procedures, libraries and systems as well as speaking to various subcontractors and workshops to ensure quality.

How have you experienced your own personal and professional development at SiccaDania?

“Before starting at SDF, I had absolutely zero knowledge of membrane filtration or process plants for the dairy and food industry in general” – Jonas Lindstorff

SDF was established in 2018 and 5 months later Jonas joined the team. Without much experience within the dairy and food sector, but great CAD experience from previous jobs, Jonas quickly became responsible for building up the SDF 3D Structure. Since then, Jonas’s knowledge has grown and he has become invaluable to the SDF team. His joy and eagerness to work and develop make all his colleagues happy and energised.

“Some of the best experiences I have gained came from working with my colleagues. They are all well-established figures within dairy and food membrane filtration. It has been a privilege working in an environment where everyone shares their knowledge for the better of the company.”

To highlight just a couple of the projects that Jonas has been working on – LeanFlux.

LeanFlux is a new way of thinking about membrane filtration. The theory behind has been developed by Jonas’ colleagues but Jonas has been an integral part of designing the first LeanFlux – first a pilot unit and since a complete industrial-size process plant.

“These LeanFlux units require me to think outside the box when drawing a plant. It is not a standard unit like the first ones we designed. This one is still under development towards becoming even better”.

Participating in creating a new way of thinking membrane filtration has also challenged Jonas to adapt quickly to customer feedback and trial results.

Being part of a development project has been a fun experience – says Jonas.

What is your day-to-day like at SiccaDania?

LeanFlux is still a big part of Jonas’ every day. From improvements to the designs based on experience from completed units to standardising components used for LeanFlux.

Some of the other tasks that take up Jonas’ day include creating production bases and building up material lists, visiting workshops to ensure continuous improvement and doing quality control on ongoing units and taking meetings with subcontractors regarding parts for the ongoing projects.

One of the small parts of the day involves the very important task of taking the office dog for a walk during lunch breaks.